The Utah woman who Had Been Discovered living in a national forest after disappearing  5 months ago’Desired solitude and isolation,’ sheriff’s deputy says

A woman was discovered living in a Utah woods on Sunday after going lost over five weeks ago.
An sheriff’s office spokesman told The Washington Post that she wanted “isolation and solitude.”
The unnamed woman was carried to the hospital for a mental-health test after she was found.
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A woman who was found alive in a Utah national woods on Sunday after going missing for nearly six months had stated she”wanted solitude and isolation,” a sheriff’s office spokesman told The Washington Post.

The unnamed 47-year-old woman was discovered residing in a tent in the Diamond Fork area of Spanish Fork Canyon and told officers she had been living off foraged moss and grass, according to a Monday press release from the Utah County Sheriff’s Office.

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The woman was first noticed missing November 25, when playground workers found her car in a nearby campground parking lot as they were closing a road for the winter.

A first search for the woman proved fruitless, but on Sunday a sheriff’s sergeant returned into the region with a nonprofit aerial hunt organization to look for the woman using a drone.

The drone appeared on one of the first passes, and when the sergeant and the drone pilot went searching for the device, they happened upon the woman’s cane, the statement said.

The woman was in a weakened state and was taken into a hospital to get a mental-health test, the statement said, but officials were impressed by her ability to weather the winter alone.

“She didn’t program exceedingly well for such a long period during harsh winter months, but she had been resourceful,” Sgt. Spencer Cannon, public-information officer to the Utah County Sheriff’s Office, told The Post.