Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) this week legislation aimed at lowering the expense of prescription drugs for Americans, calling it a”deeply bipartisan” issue.

“I think this is a notion that’s deeply bipartisan, 88 percent of Americans support it, so I hope we can find some bipartisan legislation passed. If not, if people do reform the filibuster, this could be included,” Gillibrand said.

The former Republican candidate added that the proposed laws would foster increased competition and force drug costs to go down while also helping seniors lowering their medical expenses, WRVO reported.

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“One is allowing Medicare negotiate in majority, HHS [Health and Human Services], like they do to the VA Medicaid,” Gillibrand said. “One would be to let New Yorkers and anyone else that would like to buy drugs in Canada to go ahead and do this, and the other one is let any pharmacy or bulk purchaser, buy in bulk from other countries.”

The Hill has achieved to Gillibrand’s office for more information.