The trailer for 'Karen’ raises concerns about copying 'Get Out'

Another internet outraged “Karen”

Twitter has been buzzing about the trailer to the BET thriller starring Taryn Manning, Cory Hardrict, and Jasmine Burke.
According to, the movie is about a racist, entitled white woman from the South who terrorizes her Black neighbors.
Memes have made “Karen” a shorthand for White women who see their entitlement as a source of power and often use it against people of color.
For some, the trailer reminded too much of Jordan Peele’s 2017 hit “Get Out,” which is about a young Black man who visits his white girlfriend’s parents and becomes a nightmare.
“I had this idea during Obama’s administration,” Peele said to. “Racism exists and is not represented in horror, which traditionally focuses on human demons and social horrors.
One person tweeted “Jordan Peele has only two films under his belt and people are trying to copy his formula.” Talk about impact.
This new project is also getting attention as some people aren’t impressed with the acting and others aren’t convinced that it is a real film. Is it an SNL preview or a real Karen movie?

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