Justin Haynes HD Picture for the new Pre-fall Mini Collection

Pre-fall Mini Collection ‘POME ROSSE’

Well known fashion designer and tailor, Justin Haynes, is the brains behind the brand’s newest Pre Fall Mini Capsule Collection, “‘POMÉ ROSSÉ” which will be made available to the public this upcoming fall.  The French name “POMÉ ROSSÉ,” refers to its meaning Rosy Apple, indicative of some of the warm tones featured in the collection. This season’s colors infuse the array of Denim blue, pink, cherry red, and brick suitable for the season.  The light and airy color palette of the collection makes the collection a must-have for this year’s fall fashion season.   

Haynes crafted his inspiration for the contemporary feel of the color palette from the iconic musical set to film grease.  The musical by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey is named after the 1950’s working class youth.   “POMÉ ROSSÉ,” is highlighted in Allure Korea, it incorporates unique silhouettes to accompany the eye-catching color palette. These factors contribute to the widespread anticipation of the collection’s success.

The collection is depicted by Scott Parker, who is the primary photographer for the brand “JUS10H”.   Parker has held his position as the brand’s lead photographer for the past four years.  Parker, along with the lead beauty artist Sassy Smith who holds a five year tenure with the brand both wanted to respect the aesthetic value of each piece of the newest collection in the creation of the campaign.  The two creative artists endeavor to keep with the vision initiated by Haynes by emphasizing the significance of each piece of the collection.   

About the Designer Justin Haynes

The impeccable talent of Haynes has made him a household name and has established his stand out style of brand worldwide.  He is regarded as a notable trendsetter in the industry of fashion having garnered the title of “The Fashion and Lifestyle Icon.”  For the past 14 years, his label JUS10H has dominated the fashion market, he is recognized as a fashionpreneur and is one of the most original fashion gurus in the field. Haynes’ strong business acumen has made him one of the most influential people in his desired field of interest.  

In addition to running his own fashion empire, he is a mentor and coach to aspiring designers, helping them to assist others in their careers to achieve success. Hailing from Springfield, Massachusetts, Haynes’ accomplishments include a list of features in reputable powerhouse publications such as New York Weekly, Forbes New York, USA Today and Yahoo Finance to name a few. 

Yahoo Finance describes Haynes as the most influential person in business, and USA Today ranks him as one of the most successful business persons in the country.  

Article: Ezra Jones 

Designer/Tailor: JUS10H 

Photographer: Scott Parker

Lead Beauty Artist: Sassy Smith

Hair Stylist: Chinx Galore

Model: Bella Wynn