Technology is transforming our world at a pace and on a scale not seen before or since the industrial revolution. Compared to other fields, the educational sector has been late to the party and has some catching up to do. 

The recent coronavirus has served as a wake-up call that forced the education industry to quickly adopt modern tech and exploit the conveniences it has to offer. Video conferencing platforms, over-the-cloud collaborative tools, and project management software, among other online services, have been heavily implemented by academic institutions in recent years. Prospective advancements like VR, AR, and clever AI, which are expected to arrive over the coming decades, are promising to further enhance the learning process in wonderful ways. 

Below, we outline the main ways in which modern technology has affected the process of education and explore what the future might have in store for us. 


Every one of us has rolled our eyes at our parents – repeatedly telling us that formal education is imperative for future success! But does this old adage still hold true in the world of technology?

Self-learning has never made more sense. With the unquantifiable amount of information available online, along with video lectures and online courses, computers are rendering educational facilities increasingly obsolete. Technology is also enhancing student’s life in seemingly unforeseeable ways, as you can now even hire a professional writer online to write college application essay for you. 

These modern amenities make students more self-sufficient and grant them opportunities that would have been unimaginable just a few decades ago.

   Distance learning 

Distance learning may have started out as a forced necessity, but the world quickly realized the conveniences it implies. The omnipresence of internet-capable gadgets and worldwide network coverage has allowed distance learning on a mass scale and completely removed the need to attend classes or libraries in person. 

Online learning has obvious benefits in saving time and money, as well as making the learning process more comfortable and personalized, but it comes with its own set of downsides. Studying from home reduces social interactions – so important for adolescents – and can make the learning process even more boring and monotonous than before. 

These issues are why many students oppose a permanent shift to distance education and are requesting a return to normal after the pandemic situation subsides.

   Accessibility of knowledge

Easy availability of knowledge is one of the main benefits technology has brought to modern education. Days and nights of scouring libraries are over. Students can now access volumes of information in just a few clicks from the comfort of their couch, which makes education less exclusive and burdensome, and aids a wider spread of knowledge. Technology has also made writing help more accessible, as students can now easily hire the best essay writers online to help with their assignments. 

 All these conveniences leave almost no excuse for bad academic performance!

   Distractive effect

Not all the effects that technology has had on education have been positive. Modern gadgets offer ever-increasing streams of entertainment that can distract students from their learning duties.

The interestingness of online entertainment is constantly rising while that of education is remaining constant, which incentivizes students to increasingly substitute the latter with the former. 

With our personal devices luring us into their ever more enticing means of entertainment, it’s becoming more and more tempting to ignore academic responsibilities and waste time. This makes it essential that students learn to control their urges and find a healthy balance between fun and learning.

   Final thoughts

Technology has had a mixed effect on education so far. It can provide a healthy stress outlet for an overworked mind and assist with learning and research, but it can also become a source of distraction and steal study time. 

If used and managed correctly, modern technology can be a powerful tool that makes the learning process more immersive, interesting, and efficient. 

Charlotte Banks is a writer and a blogger. Her informative essays and captivating writing style inspire and educate thousands of readers worldwide. She routinely covers a wide range of topics, which makes her well versed in many different aspects of the modern world.