Instagram isn’t the easiest platform to use on a computer. The social network wants to change this. Users can now post from the website version of Instagram. This is a very useful feature that has been available for some time. There’s also a new option for Twitter. Let’s take a closer look.

These features are not available to everyone. Some users were able to find a new option in the web version, but others have not yet had the chance. Matt Navarra, a social network specialist, shared screenshots of the new feature via his Twitter account.

This first preview shows that users will see a small + symbol in the upper right corner of Instagram’s Instagram website. This allows them to create new content, just like on the mobile app. Although this new option is available for both Mac and PC, it has not yet been made available to all users.

There are many improvements that Instagram could make to be more distinct from other social media networks, such as TikTok and Snapchat.

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In addition to Instagram’s enhanced website, the social network has also teamed up with Twitter to make it easier to post tweets. On June 22, users on iOS were introduced to a new way to share posts published on Twitter. Users will be able to resize the tweet directly in their Instagram story before publishing it. Unfortunately, Android fans will again have to wait before they can take advantage of the new feature