The Divorce of Gregory Mulvihill and Diana Lovejoy

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The sexual assault charge against Mulvihill has made headlines. His wife Diana Lovejoy accused him of molesting her son. The judge barred Mulvihill from seeing his son, but he was still allowed to have supervised visits. This case has prompted the FBI to investigate Mulvihill’s background. He’s still on the lam, but he is no longer the only suspect in the case.

Diana Lovejoy

The divorce of Greg Mullvihill and Diana Lovejoy ended in bitterness. Lovejoy accused her ex-husband of sexual abuse. She argued that Mulvihill had drugged her and raped her. The family court initially ruled that he would be entitled to visitation but later dropped the request. The divorce proceedings ended in December 2014.

The couple was married for ten years, but after the second child was born, Diana accused Greg of sexual assault. She took a drowsy pill and woke up to find Greg assaulting her. A restraining order was obtained and Greg was forced to leave the home. Diana also alleged that Greg had been abusing their son. Greg subsequently filed a petition for divorce and custody of their son.

Diana had a history of miscarriages during her seven-year marriage. She gave birth to her son, but was unable to continue her active lifestyle. She was in pain all the time and had to give up her job. Although Greg was unable to work, she was still a YouTube star and an expert on quick and healthy dinners. But the marriage was strained by the pain and stress of pregnancy and Greg’s shoulder injury.

The case ended in divorce after the trial. The couple agreed to share 50 percent custody of their son. The trial went on for two years and cost a total of $120,000. However, the case is still not over and the couple have not reconciled. They still share custody of their son. However, their child will never be reunited. They are currently living apart and are still fighting over the child custody.

They were married in December 2011 in Carlsbad, California. In 2012, the couple welcomed their first child. The couple later broke up and divorced. Both women maintain their innocence. However, they are still facing a long prison sentence. Their children will never know if they will ever see their husband again. In the meantime, they will continue to struggle to find a new relationship. They will remain friends.

The divorce between Diana Lovejoy and Greg Mulvihill has been a controversial affair for years. The actress was accused of attempting to assassinate her ex-husband. It was revealed that Diana Lovejoy had a secret affair with the person she hired to carry out the scheme. After the divorce, they were caught by the police and sentenced to long prison sentences. The couple had a son, but the pregnancy caused a strain on their relationship.

Diana Lovejoy and Greg Mulvihill were married in August 2007. However, the couple were unable to get pregnant. Diana Lovejoy lost her job after their marriage and became the breadwinner. She also became the primary caregiver for their young son. In mid-2014, she developed fibromyalgia. She believed her son was ill. The two waited almost five years before she gave birth to their son.

Weldon McDavid Jr

Weldon McDavid Jr. and Diana Lovejoy were found guilty of conspiring to commit murder and attempted murder. The men shot their victim, Gregory Mulvihill, on Sept. 2 in Carlsbad, California. Lovejoy’s estranged husband was also wounded. Lovejoy denied that she arranged the killing for a “murder for hire” scheme. The two men were sentenced to more than 50 years in prison.

A former Marine sniper, McDavid, was a man who knew Mulvihill. He was furious over the court’s ruling against Mulvihill. He had been present at the scene of the crime and had the gun used in the killing. Lovejoy claimed to have had multiple encounters with McDavid during the two weeks of their relationship. But the former Marine denied the accusations.

After the shooting, police arrested Weldon McDavid near his Fallbrook home. McDavid was a man who knew Mulvihill, who had been shot in a secluded dirt path. He was interviewed by two detectives. He sat opposite them at a plain table. Both were asked about their experiences and their training in the Marine Corps. McDavid had served as a Marine for 12 years, including two tours in combat zones overseas.

In addition to the murder charges, the prosecutor introduced evidence of two prior misdemeanor convictions. These prior convictions were unrelated to the present charges. McDavid had also been separated from the Marine Corps involuntarily. The court allowed the evidence of his two prior misdemeanor convictions and his involuntary separation from the Marine Corps. In addition to these criminal convictions, McDavid was convicted of conspiracy to commit murder.

In the days following the shooting, Lovejoy and McDavid began conspiring. They met at a park in La Costa. McDavid had a long rifle and was carrying a TracFone, or “burner device,” which is a radio-controlled camera. Lovejoy and McDavid were arrested on Sept. 14. They confessed to murdering Mulvihill on Aug. 14.

The two victims were shot several times. Weldon McDavid Jr., the father of two boys, was arrested on suspicion of murder in 2016. After a year of investigating the case, the police were able to find Weldon and Diana. The case was closed and McDavid was sentenced to prison. Weldon McDavid Jr. was also charged with conspiracy to commit murder and attempted murder.

The prosecutor’s testimony opened the door for a defense argument that McDavid had been a good Marine. He testified that he was no longer a Marine. And his testimony was so persuasive that the trial court could have concluded that the evidence produced by the prosecution was credible. The jury could have come to the same conclusion if the prosecutor had been convinced that McDavid was a good Marine.

greg lovejoy

Lovejoy and Mulvihill split in July of 2014 after a contentious custody battle. Lovejoy accused Mulvihill of sexual abuse and molesting their son. The couple later agreed to a $120,000 payment and shared custody. Then, Mulvihill was shot and killed on a dark trail in Carlsbad. The investigation found that Lovejoy and Mulvihill were having an affair.

After Diana Lovejoy was convicted of the attempted murder of her husband, she was ordered to share custody of their son and pay his $120,000 child support. She denied the charges against her husband and insisted that the financial costs of sexual assault were real. She also denied that she plotted to kill Mulvihill and was convicted of a lesser charge of attempted murder. In a subsequent hearing, the couple decided to sell their Carlsbad house and Encinitas residence to pay their former husband $120,000. They were married in 2007.

Diana Lovejoy and Greg Mulvihill got married in a private ceremony in California in 2007. The couple had a child together and had a very happy life. However, the couple had eight miscarriages. They were both financially struggling and Diana Lovejoy was the primary caregiver for their son. They later agreed to share custody of their son, and Diana was ordered to pay her ex-husband $120,000 to cover the costs of raising the child.

After the marriage, Lovejoy lied about his sexual abuse to avoid paying Mulvihill’s child support. She told Mulvihill that she was a “private investigator” and had evidence that Mulvihill abused her. Then, she promised to leave the evidence on a power pole near Rancho Santa Fe. But this was only a scam. Lovejoy later found out that McDavid was a prankster and the phone call was a hoax.

The trial ended in a guilty verdict for Diana Lovejoy and Weldon McDavid. The pair pleaded guilty to murder for hire and received sentences of 50 and 26 years respectively. The convictions resulted in a fine of more than half a million dollars, but they are still appealing their sentences. Both have their attorneys working on their appeals. It remains unclear if Lovejoy will be released.

The couple married in Carlsbad, CA and had one son, Christopher. The marriage was rocky and they tried marriage counseling and individual therapy. Their son was born in 2012. Diana quit her personal training career to take care of their son, but she also had a freelance writing job. Eventually, she and Greg divorced, citing various problems in the household and increased stress. The couple has been married for over seven years, but the split was a bittersweet one.

Diana, meanwhile, had a troubled life. During this time, Diana was suffering from depression and drug addiction. She had been battling a long battle with depression. But she reacted quickly to Diana’s threat. She sent her friend Jason Kovach to a dirt path where they allegedly collected evidence. Greg was shot, but the bullet missed the heart. The teen is now incarcerated at the Chowchilla Women’s Prison.