When people hear the name Pop Smoke, they immediately think about its meaning. It’s a word that sounds like a bad rap joke, but it has a very specific meaning for the musician. It means “little smoke.” The singer is a 4-foot-9-inch American, born in Brooklyn, and Caribbean-Panamanian. In his short career, he’s become one of the most successful singers in the world.

4 feet 9 inches

Rapper Pop Smoke is one of the most popular figures in the music industry. Born on July 20, 1999, he is a tall and slender artist with average body measurements. He stands at the height of 5 feet and 10 inches, and is 69 kg. His shoe size is seven, and he has black hair. To find out more about Pop Smoke’s height and weight, read his biography below.

Born in Canarsie, Brooklyn, New York, Pop Smoke was only four years old when he was arrested. His parents are of Panamanian descent and his mother is Jamaican. He has one older brother named Obasi Jackson. His father was a car mechanic, but his mother is a musician. In fact, he learned to play the drums while in grade school. At the age of 14, he got involved in illegal work, which he has since stopped.

Although Pop Smoke only graced the Hip Hop scene for three years, his influence is far-reaching. His popularity is evident in his search engine traffic, streaming numbers, and cultural impact. Hip hop artists have often used their height to show their masculinity and to brag. His height was no different. In fact, he was so popular that his height became a source of pride. He was arguably the tallest rapper in the world.


Pop Smoke is a well-known American rap artist who grew up in Brooklyn, New York. His mother is Jamaican, and his father is Panamanian. He had a mixed up childhood, which resulted in his illegal works. He attended nine different schools and played the African drums as a hobby. His family has not yet revealed the full story behind Pop Smoke’s success.

The singer is the son of Panamanian and Jamaican parents. He was raised in Brooklyn, New York. His father is a musician, and his mother is a writer and poet. Pop Smoke’s parents have not revealed their professions. Pop Smoke’s early career started at an early age. He met fellow musicians at a recording studio in Brooklyn. His first song, “Welcome to the Party”, quickly became a hit on the internet.

While growing up, Pop Smoke was interested in sports and played soccer. After winning a scholarship to a Philadelphia music school, he chose rapping as his career. His passion for hip bounce music led him to make his own songs. It didn’t take him long to become wealthy. He also started to collaborate with hip-hop specialists and became a superstar. His music career has continued to grow.

Pop Smoke had an enviable body. He had a variety of tattoos. His ethnicity was mostly dark. He had dark brown eyes and black hair. In addition to his music career, he had several successful singles and albums. Those songs made him a celebrity and won him numerous awards. In addition to his rap career, Pop Smoke also had many other assets that made him one of the most successful rap stars in history.


The height of American rap superstar Pop Smoke is a topic of much debate. Though he only became famous for a few years, he had an incredible impact on Hip Hop culture. His height has become a symbol of masculinity among many rappers. Unfortunately, he died too young, so many people are still wondering how tall Pop Smoke was. Height is a crucial factor in determining the worth of an aspiring rapper.

Although Pop Smoke was born in 1999, he was actually fairly tall. At 5 feet and 10 inches, he was not much shorter than rapper Nipsey Hussle, who stands at six feet three inches. Pop Smoke was a shoe size seven, with black hair and dark brown eyes. Unlike many other celebrities, he sported a lot of tattoos and had an average body measurement. Nevertheless, despite his height, he was surprisingly fit, and his tattoos and piercings gave him a unique look.

Released two mixtapes

In 2020, rapper Pop Smoke released two mixtapes, Meet the Woo 2. The former was the first of two releases from the young rapper and reached number seven on the US Billboard 200. The latter broke several records in the American music industry, including the number one spot in the charts. The mixtape also featured new songs by Nav, Gunna, and PnB Rock. His second mixtape, Shoot for the Stars, Aim for the Moon, had a number of guest appearances by popular artists. This album also featured fifteen new songs.

The mixtapes contain a plethora of new music, including production from the acclaimed 50 Cent. Although the original release was due to arrive on June 12, the label decided to postpone the release. Ultimately, the label released Make It Rain featuring Rowdy Rebel on the same day. The single is the first to feature Pop Smoke’s verse since Floyd’s death. The song is a hit, and is included on a number of other pop-punk albums.

The two mixtapes were a huge hit for Pop Smoke, but he had a tragic death. At the age of just twenty years old, he had already released two mixtapes. Pop Smoke was the son of Jamaican parents and a Panamanian father. He was a member of the Christianity religion and was raised in Brooklyn. After completing elementary school, he moved to Los Angeles.

Died in house invasion

The surveillance footage from the house invasion that killed rapper Pop Smoke is disturbing, as it seems that the killers were targeting the rap star. They broke into his home at about 4:30 a.m. and fired multiple shots. The men fled the scene on foot, but a video of the event was posted on the Internet. A search was conducted and five suspects were arrested. Among them were Pop Smoke’s two killers.

The LAPD responded to a call about the house invasion, and Pop Smoke was the only person shot. Several other people in the house were detained by police, but were later released without charging anyone. Police are still working on determining the motive for the killing, as many witnesses are uncooperative. It was also noted that there are no neutral witnesses. This is a troubling aspect of the case.

Rapper Pop Smoke was 20 years old at the time of his death. He was shot several times in the chest and died at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center after multiple suspects broke into the home. The rap star had ties to the Crips and was known for his music, which made his death a shock to the community. Despite being so young, Pop Smoke was an influential figure in the rap industry.