Keith Sapsford, an Australian teenager, was only 14 years old when he fell from a plane in 1970. The incident took place in front of a large crowd. After the plane took off, the boy was unaware that the wheel compartment was going to open. Upon falling to his death, he was 60 meters high, and no one noticed him.

When the plane took off, Keith Sapsford was onboard. He was running away from his boys’ school in Sydney, Australia, and was attempting to stowaway in a DC-8 jet wheel compartment. However, the door to the wheel compartment opened suddenly, causing the boy to fall 200 feet to his death. As the plane ascended, the door opened and he fell to his death. The incident was captured on video by a bystander testing a new camera.

The young boy’s death was a shock to the Australian community. His parents, Charles and Mary, sent him to a Roman Catholic institution. While there, the young man ran away and climbed into the wheel-well of the Japan Air Lines plane. The latch that closes the wheel-well when the aircraft takes off was not properly closed, and it is believed that Keith would have died without the access to oxygen.

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The 14-Year-Old Kid Who Fell to His Death From an AirPlane is a tragedy. A young boy’s attempt to stowaway in an aircraft wheel compartment ended tragically in mid-air. The door opened at 200 feet and Keith was forced to fall 60 meters to his death. The youngster’s parents thought he had run away, and it was only two days later that they found out that their son had fallen to his death. An investigation conducted by FBI agents showed that the youngster’s lack of oxygen was likely the cause of death.

After the crash, the boy’s family spent the next several weeks traveling. The schoolboy was a wanderer. His father described him as a restless boy, and they traveled the world to feed his wanderlust. His mother and father even took him on a trip to Paris. During the flight, Keith Dawson was hit by a plane. He was killed by the wheels of the plane.

A photographer on the scene caught the shocking instant photo of Keith McCartney’s fall from an airplane. The photo was taken by amateur John Gilpin while he was taking photos at the Sydney Airport. As the plane was taking off, he managed to sneak onto the wheels of the plane and hid in the wheel compartment. He then attempted to hide in a wheel compartment. He didn’t realize the landing gear would close, so he fell to his death.

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