Umida Nazarova 21 was taken around her local Svarmet plant situated in Borisov, Belarus, during an interview, her hair was caught in a machine, and tore her hair off

A mother to be was caught in her hair after it became tangled in a machine at a factory and was wrapped around her neck during an interview. The incident was reported.

Umida Nazarova’s scalp was cut off in the bizarre incident at Borisov, Belarus.

The 21-year-old was pronounced dead within 20 days of being admitted to the hospital, unable to regain consciousness.

Umida an assistant in the shop was pregnant for seven weeks and was offered a post at the Svarmet factory, which manufactures electrodes and welding wire.

The senior staff members were showing her around the factory as her hair, which was loose, suddenly became caught in a machine and she was stuck.

The mother of her grieving daughter Olga told her: “Her throat was injured according to the doctor.

“Her hair was tied around her neck, and she was pulled through the mechanism.

“If her scalp had not been torn off, she would have been strangled there and then by her own hair.”

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However, she suffered serious injuries and was never able to regain consciousness.

Her father Dmitry claimed that safety rules were not followed.

“They took two lives. she was just seven weeks pregnant.

“They saw she had long hair, so why didn’t they give her something to cover it?”

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