Tesla Recalls 300,000. What Cause?

Chinese regulators revealed Saturday 26/06 that Tesla Inc., an electric car company from the United States, will perform product repairs and recall almost 300,000. units of electric cars manufactured in China and imported by Tesla Model 3 or Model Y cars.

Recall Car manufacturers have an obligation to consumers to fix products they sell in order to increase user safety.

Tesla’s policy is for online software updates to allow for the ability to drive with assistance, and the owner does not have to return the vehicle. China’s State Administration for Market Regulation confirms that Elon Musk’s recall is due to the assisted driving function found in electric cars. This can currently be activated by accident, causing sudden acceleration.

Tesla Recalls 300,000. What Cause?

The online software upgrade referred to includes Tesla cars manufactured in China, including 249,855 Model 3 or Model Y cars, and 35,665 imported Model 3 vehicles.

CNBC cites industry data that Tesla produced Model 3 and Model Y cars in Shanghai, with 33,463 sales in China last May.

This is not the first recall. China announced on June 6, 2021, that it had a recall for 734 Model 3 cars made by Tesla’s US plants in 2019.

The recall process itself will be done in a manner that Tesla will directly communicate to affected car owners. The showroom then will conduct free inspections and repairs.

The market regulator stated that the car was experiencing problems with its seat belt, which could lead to increased injury in the event of a collision. Tire-related problems can also increase the likelihood of a collision.

This recall announcement comes on top of the poor record of the Chinese product manufacturer Elon Musk founded. In China, Tesla has been under greater regulatory scrutiny recently due to numerous reports from the media and consumers about brake failures and crashes.

This announcement also comes after Tesla also recall tens and thousands of units in China.

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The Tesla Model 3 is one of the most popular electric cars in China. The Model 3 is even more affordable than similar-priced products from Chinese start ups like Nio. In recent months, however, Wuling’s affordable car, the Hongguang Mini EV has risen to first.