Elon Musk was discreetly rushed into the New Castle County Courthouse in Delaware on Monday morning, dodging a gaggle of press restlessly anticipating his appearance regarding a claim over Tesla’s 2016 securing of a sunlight based energy age organization.

What was deficient in any stupendous passageway, notwithstanding, was compensated for inside the seventh-floor court, where the Tesla CEO competed with the lead lawyer in the investor claim for a significant part of the day.

The suit asserts that Tesla’s acquisition of SolarCity was overflowing with irreconcilable circumstances and was a bailout of the wavering organization. It additionally contends the procurement neglected to deliver the benefits Musk had guaranteed.

At the hour of the all-stock buy, assessed at about $2.6 billion, Musk was SolarCity’s biggest partner and its director. His cousins Lyndon and Peter Rive had established SolarCity in mid-2006 — an association offended parties call an unmistakable irreconcilable circumstance.

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Stockholders initially filed several suits over the deal, but they were later consolidated into what is being argued in the 10-day trial. Last August, a judge approved a $60 million settlement that resolved claims made against all the directors on Tesla’s board except Musk without any admission of fault.

That left Musk, who refused to settle, as the sole remaining defendant. This trial had been scheduled for March of last year but was postponed because of the COVID-19 pandemic.