Taylor Swift Fans Sue Ticketmaster After Fumbled Presale

Earlier this year, Taylor Swift scheduled what she dubbed “…the mother of all presales.” With a few taps and clicks, loyal Swifties who preordered their tickets on Ticketmaster’s website anticipated rewards such as VIP packages, text alerts, and wristband deliveries. One week later—during the day of the concert—news spread that Ticketmaster’s website crashed as high demand overwhelmed it.

Purpose of the Lawsuit

The purpose of the lawsuit is to get Ticketmaster to give fans their money back for the tickets they were unable to buy due to the technical difficulties during the presale. In addition, the lawsuit is also asking for damages and attorneys’ fees.

A notary’s negligence

When fans of Taylor Swift attempted to purchase tickets to her upcoming tour through Ticketmaster, they were met with technical difficulties. Many were unable to get through the presale process, and those who did were presented with inflated prices.

Now, some fans are taking legal action against Ticketmaster, alleging that the company’s negligence led to them being unable to get tickets to the concert. They are seeking class-action status for their lawsuit, which would allow more people to join in.

It is not yet clear how many people will be affected by the lawsuit, or how much money they are seeking in damages. However, this is sure to be a case that ticketing companies will be watching closely.

Fan reaction to the lawsuit

After news of the lawsuit broke, many Taylor Swift fans took to social media to voice their support for the plaintiffs. Some fans said they had experienced similar problems with Ticketmaster in the past, while others said they were surprised that the company would make such a major mistake with such a high-profile event.

Many fans expressed frustration with how long it took Ticketmaster to resolve the issue, and some said they would never purchase tickets from the company again. Others thanked the plaintiffs for taking action and said they hoped the lawsuit would lead to changes in Ticketmaster’s policies.

Ticketmaster’s response

After the news of the lawsuit broke, Ticketmaster released a statement saying that they were “disappointed” in how the presale had unfolded. They went on to say that they had been working hard to get tickets into the hands of as many fans as possible, and that they would refund any tickets that were not valid.

It is clear from the statement that Ticketmaster was not happy with how the presale went, but they are committed to making things right for fans. This is a good move on their part, as it shows that they are willing to work with Swift’s fans to ensure a positive experience.


After the ticketing fiasco that was the Taylor Swift presale, fans are understandably upset. Many people were unable to get tickets to see her perform, even though they had been waiting in line for hours. While Ticketmaster has issued an apology, it’s clear that fans are not ready to let this issue go. It will be interesting to see how this story develops, and whether or not the fans who have filed suit will be able to get the compensation they’re asking for.