T-Mobile confirmed that it was affected by a data breach, which reportedly affected 100,000,000 of its wireless customers

According to a report from Vice, someone on an underground forum claimed to have obtained data of more than 100 million people from T-Mobile’s servers.

According to the report, data include Social Security information, physical addresses, and IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity), numbers that uniquely identify mobile devices.

T-Mobile stated in a Monday statement that it was initially investigating claims made by members of the forum, but did not have any additional information.

T-Mobile sent Monday’s updated statement via email. It confirmed that there was a data breach, but could not confirm whether any customer data were affected.

T-Mobile stated that it was confident that the entry point used by T-Mobile to access its data had been closed. T-Mobile stated in a statement that while the investigation may take time, it is being done with extreme urgency.

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It is the third data breach to hit T-Mobile in recent years. In 2018, T-Mobile revealed a breach that potentially exposed information such as customers’ email addresses and phone numbers.

The carrier revealed a “criminal hacking” of customer data one year later. This exposed personal information like names, billing addresses and phone numbers as well as account numbers and wireless plans.