Netflix is ramping up its efforts to bring you anime in recent times which means that more anime is being released to the loyal fans. After launching its live-action version of Cowboy Bebop last week, the season is coming to usher in another new premiere. Finally, Super Crooks is streaming and viewers are able to enjoy the entire show in the present.

If you’re unfamiliar of the Super Crooks we’ll provide a brief overview. The comic first appeared as a comic written by Mark Millar and artists Leinil Francis Yu, Sunny Gho, and Gerry Alanguilan. The comic was published in 2012, and the comic ran for four issues and told the story about Johnny Lightning.


The story is it that Johnny is a powerful supervillain who is unable to catch the day off. With superheroes on the loose, Johnny finds himself jailed for five years for an unlucky heist. After he is released from the prison Johnny finds himself at at a loss, but he decides to go after a villain for his next crime. The dream is to provide Johnny the cash that he could ever require to make it through, so he forms an assortment of criminals to assist him. Of course, the most well-planned plans don’t always work out as planned.

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Today, The Super Crooks has delivered its action-packed story to Netflix Millar’s crew has given it an anime-inspired makeover and a new look. The adaptation also expands on the comic’s original plot with fresh story elements crafted in the hands of Millar himself, meaning that fans are not going to want to miss the show. If you’ve never included Supercrooks to your list now, it’s time to do so in the near future!