Joel Kinnaman (a Swedish-American actor), is one of the stars in the DC Comics movie “The Suicide Squad.” He has applied for a restraining orders against a woman that he claims threatened to harm him and extort money from him.

Kinnaman said in an Instagram post Friday that he filed for a restraining order against Gabriella Magnusson, a Swedish-Jamaican model also known as Bella Davis.

“Earlier this morning I filed for a temporary restraining order to stop a woman from threatening to physically harm my family and my loved ones and trying to extort money or other valuable things from me,” reads the post.

A judge granted a temporary order of restraining that will expire on Aug. 30. Kinnaman, Magnusson and others are expected to appear at Los Angeles County Superior Court to hear the case.

According to the application for a restraining or order, Kinnaman was in a “very brief relationship” with Magnusson in 2018. It involved “consensual sexual sex.” According to the document, Kinnaman blocked Magnusson in September 2020 after he claimed that he had received “sexually explicit videos from her” during a time when his relationship was with another woman. According to the application, Magnusson tried to find other ways to contact Kinnaman despite being blocked. However, he didn’t respond.

According to the document, she allegedly became more aggressive and confrontational.

In an Instagram post Friday, Magnusson alleged Kinnaman “raped me twice.” In a separate post, she shared a screenshot of what she claims is an email from her lawyer in Swedish, saying that “the man in question wants you to sign a confidentiality agreement” in exchange for money and other accommodations.

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Kinnaman claimed Magnusson threatened to publish false information if he didn’t follow through with favors that would help him secure jobs in Hollywood. Kinnaman stated that one of the false accusations was “that she had sex against her will in Dec 2018,” Kinnaman.