Lady Gaga is a fashion icon with a unique style. JIC, you may have forgotten that Lady Gaga just stepped out in a stunning take on athleisure. It’ll make you reconsider how you wear your bra and bike shorts combination.

Gaga, 35 years old, was seen in New York City wearing a Marc Jacobs bandeau top with matching high-waisted shorts and light blue Marc Jacobs bike shorts. These were paired with white platform boots. Her abs, back, arms, legs–everything–look ridiculously toned.

She isn’t the fit she looks by accident. Yoga is a passion of hers, something she has been doing since 2004, when she was a NYU student. Her former teacher Tricia Donegan taught it to her.

Lisa Marie Goodwin is also a certified instructor in Pilates. She can be found on the Reformer, a challenging machine that works every muscle in your body, and she does it with Lisa Marie.

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All of these things are great for her abs, but they also work her stomach! She also targets her muscles with the help Harley Pasternak, her trainer.