Subway's menu is refreshed amid the tuna controversy

Subway announced Tuesday “really bold” changes to its menu to regain consumer appetites as there are ongoing allegations regarding the authenticity of its tuna buffet.

Fast-food chain McDonald’s announced Tuesday that “Eat Fresh Refresh” was its biggest menu update in 50 years. It will be available at all U.S. locations starting July 13th.

More than 20 changes to the menu were made, including six new and returning sandwiches and four signature sandwiches. There are also two additional bread options: Artisan Italian or Hearty Multigrain.

According to Trevor Haynes (North American President at Subway), the company had begun to create new bread options in January 2019. They were ready for launch in summer 2020.

To best prepare the new line-up, over 10,000 restaurants will be closing at 6:00 pm Eastern on July 12, to allow local staff to prepare.

“Nothing to hide”

Subway's menu is refreshed amid the tuna controversy

Subway is suing California for a lawsuit against its embattled tuna. Subway calls the suit “baseless.” A New York Times analysis of June’s tuna samples revealed that there was “no amplifiable Tuna DNA”.

Subway however doubled down on their position with Haynes insisting that the customer’s favorite is “100% wild-caught tuna”. Mayonnaise can be added to the dishes at Subway restaurants.

Haynes stated that the Subway team agreed that “our tuna doesn’t need to be touched”, and that our customers love it. It’s also a product we are proud to offer in restaurants. The team will use Eat Fresh Refresh to promote its tuna product and stress that there is nothing to hide.

Haynes said that this redesign is “really focused” and focuses on making sure the menu is current with plenty of options for guests to choose from. The brand hopes to keep the menu fresh and current, as well as provide an improved experience for guests with new and classic favorites.

BelGioioso mozzarella and BelGioso sliced turkey are new menu items. Sandwiches will include the Turkey Cali Fresh, Steak Cali Fresh, and an All-American Club.

This refresh is currently only happening in the U.S., but it could become a global trend.

Yahoo Finance was informed by a Subway spokesperson that while we are currently focusing on the U.S. rollout we will continue to collect feedback from loyal Subway customers. We will also be keeping close contact with global leadership teams to share our learnings and help them consider their own menu updates.

Subway joins DoorDash to revamp the app

Subway's menu is refreshed amid the tuna controversy

Subway will be updating its app to allow indoor pickup, curbside pickup, and home delivery via third-party delivery platform DoorDash ( DASH). Subway has a Subway within five miles of 92% of the U.S. populace.

Haynes stated that this is what consumers are looking for. “Our guests want hyper accessibility to brands,” Haynes said to Yahoo Finance. The ongoing effort to assist franchisees intending to customers’ needs is “aggressively” rolling out across the U.S., adding “thousands of” restaurants every few days.

He said that franchisees created their own curbside pickup services with customized banner signs outside their restaurants during COVID. This new digital ordering system should have approximately 7,000 participating restaurants by the end of 2018.

Subway will help workers to find work in times of labor shortages

The brand l launched a digital campaign to recruit 40,000 employees across the United States in May. Haynes claims that it “really helped” to drive traffic to the career portal for potential candidates, but that this will continue to be an ongoing effort.

“The pressures are starting to ease in some areas of the country, but we seem to be finding more employees.” Subway franchisees are able to train new employees “pretty quickly,” but they are more concerned about how to get the right talent to work for them.

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Subway has been “tirelessly” working with suppliers and vendors to accelerate the transition for franchisee owners.