Stevie Nicks, rock icon and legend, has cancelled a series of US shows due to concerns about the increasing number of Covid-19 cases.

On Monday, the former Fleetwood Mac singer made a brief statement on Twitter announcing her decision.
These are difficult times and there are many challenging decisions to be made. She wrote that she wanted everyone to be healthy and safe.
“While I have been vaccinated at my age, I am still very cautious. I’ve decided to skip 5 of the performances I had planned in 2021.”
Nicks, a 73-year-old, was scheduled to perform shows in Colorado and Texas starting September 3.
She continued, “Because singing has been my entire life, my primary goal it to stay healthy so that I can continue singing for the next ten years or longer.”
“I am devastated, and I know that fans are disappointed. But we will continue to look forward to a brighter 2022.”
She called for fans to use a mask and to take Covid-19 seriously in August 2020. She also expressed concern over the long-term effects.
She wrote, “If it’s true, I will probably never sing again,” in a Facebook post. “Put my on a ventilator, and I will have hoarse for all of my life.”
“This virus could kill you. She wrote, “It can kill me.” It can kill me,” she wrote.