Wednesday’s federal judge ordered that the former President Trump’s accounting firm hand over two years worth of tax returns to Congressional investigators.

Amit Mehta, District Court Judge, gave permission for a House Oversight Committee subpoena from Mazars USA to obtain Trump’s records covering 2017-2018.

He refused to provide any further information, citing back to 2011.

Mehta stated that the subpoena was in accordance with a Supreme Court decision which allows Congress to request Trump’s records if necessary for permitted oversight.

Lawmakers said they are looking into whether they should tighten the Foreign Emuluments Clause, or if Trump improperly received a government lease with Trump’s hotel at the Old Post Office Building in Washington.

Mehta stated that “the Committee is therefore not engaged in a baseless fish expedition.”

This decision is one of many separate attempts to obtain Trump’s tax returns for different legislative probes. Trump’s lawyers will likely appeal the decision.

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Trump may want to keep his taxes out the hands of legislators, but state and local prosecutors already own them.

Manhattan prosecutors are investigating criminal activity by the former President and his eponymous Real Estate Company.

Trump Organization CFO Alan Weisselberg was charged with tax fraud. This case, prosecutors claim, is intended to get his cooperation in an investigation of Trump.