Assistant Utah Attorney General Steven Wuthrich sent the email to LGBT politician Darin Mano, Who’s campaigning to be the first Asian American on the Salt Lake City Council.

“I will do everything in my power to see you won’t ever get elected to any office higher than puppy. I despise you. I hate your household.

Wuthrich issued an apology Tuesday and Mano responded, saying he was thankful for the reassurance that his family was secure. He added that he would abandon any disciplinary action to the Utah attorney general’s office and the bar association.

Wuthrich sent the email after Mano knocked on his door Saturday looking for somebody else living there who’s a registered voter, either Wuthrich’s spouse or roommate, Mano told The Salt Lake Tribune.

Mano was appointed to the City Council and is now campaigning to be formally elected. He is a member of the LGBTQ+ community and a father of four. He advised KSTU-TV that he was shocked and upset by Wuthrich’s message.

“It was difficult to not wonder why that email was particularly competitive,” Mano said.

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Wuthrich’s apology stated that he regrets the”ferocity and speech” of this email and does not need any harm to Mano or his family.

“I am taking steps to analyze my response and discover methods to guarantee nothing like this ever happens again,” he said. The Utah attorney general’s office has stated officials take the position seriously and are deciding next steps