Scosche FlyTunes is a Bluetooth accessory that can be used with any device that features an audio jack.

If you’re a fan of the aisle or window on the plane, you’ve surely been tempted to get up from your seat at one point but only to be dragged back by the headset that you didn’t unplug from the armrest. Perhaps it was the uncoordinated person sitting right next to you who cut down your walk to the restroom by an crucial 10 seconds.

Scosche’s FlyTunes lets you remove that cord, which could have been accidentally tucked under your seat belt and over your blanket without sacrificing your on-flight entertainment. In addition with this gadget, by plugging it to your armrest, you as well as a companion can stream the same TV show or music to two sets of headphones, instead of having to divide the one awkwardly

There are no menus here and there is only one button.

The product was easy to use, just as it was it was advertised. I pressed the multifunction button to switch it in pairing mode, after which I put my headphones in pairing mode. I put the headphones and the device near to each other and they instantly connected. We live in a world in which NFC, Android Fast Pair and the infamous AirPods-on-iPhone connect with love are accessible. Therefore, having to pair items using the traditional method of activating my phone’s Bluetooth and selecting the desired device from the list, and then selecting the device I’d like to connect to, and so on, is wearing me out.

It was as easy to add an additional headset. I placed the second headset in pairing mode by double tapping the FlyTunes button and then, voila! One headset was connected and active. It’s also acceptable to connect the FlyTunes audio source prior to or after pairing is completed.

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Nearly Infinite Possibilities

When I was on a cross-country flight I utilized this product. The battery, supposed to last for 8 hours, was able to last for a long time. The range was higher than what I wanted. In actuality I was sitting above the wings and was able to reach the rear of the restroom on the plane with no loss of signal (just to be personal for a minute). However, that’s it (with as or with out the break for the toilet). This is a simplified version of the details.