In the world of cubes, spheres cones and cylinders to tiny unicorns to giant coolers, and even stylish porcupines, I’ve seen nearly every shape, color and size Bluetooth speaker. In fact, since Jawbone’s sleek Jambox was the point of entry for these all-encompassing audio makers The one thing I’ve learned is that it’s not a good idea to decide which ones are best based on their appearance. However, the vibrant-looking Mars Pro, which Gravestar provided me with to review tested that idea to the test.

There is something fashionable and cool about the design. I like that it’s a distinct style, even among other models in Mars Pro line, which includes a variety of fun special editions. More than an interesting design, these quirky designs are a part of Gravestar’s brand. Gravestar brand. They inject a great deal of precision into the design of the product , along with the thoughtfully designed packaging. And, in case you’re curious what the legs of the speaker (or “claws”) can be folded out and in, making it much more portable, but the rest of the legs do not be able to bend or move, regardless of what they may look like.

It is worth noting that the Mars Pro comes with a couple of cables. The USB-C charging cable – since its connector is located at right angles–is much simpler to plug into the lower part of this 6-inch-wide beast. It also comes with a USB C adapter for audio that connects to one eighth-inch that lets you bypass Bluetooth and still get an auxiliary audio output port on your phone, laptop or TV gadgets you own.

The speaker’s controls are woven so seamlessly with the joints as well as the screws, decals and scoring which define its design layout that at first, it took me minutes to determine the location of them. However, I finally noticed the tiny power button located on the back at the center, surrounded by buttons specifically designed to initiate Bluetooth pairing as well as adjusting RGB lighting settings.

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While playingback when pressing the power button with dual functions pauses while playing music. However, the most effective control is the volume slider. It is possible to swipe and tap across the white dots which represent the volume’s level either back (loud) or in the opposite direction (quiet) or tap the area you prefer. Much to the dismay of my neighbours, my kids have had lots amusement playing around with volume such as this.