Rio vacinates cariocas at 22 years old with Covid-19 (16).

Rio de Janeiro will begin vaccinating 22-year-olds against Covid-19 on Monday (16). You can find vaccination points for women in the morning and those for men in the afternoon.

The afternoon vaccination is availablee for people aged 30 and over, as well as those with disabilities. The city hopes to have all adults vaccinated by the end of this week.

According to the city, the city has a stock of doses until Tuesday (17), but there is a forecast for delivery of immunizations by the Ministry of Health, at the beginning of the week. It will then be possible to continue vaccination.

According to data from the municipality health department (SMS), Rio de Janeiro broke the record for immunizations on Saturday (14).

There were 98,000 doses total of the vaccine against Covid-19, with 68.607 applications for the first dose, and 29,203 for the second. Up to date, 2,000,000 people have completed the vaccination program, which represents 40.6% of all immunized adults. On Sunday (15th), Mayor Eduardo Paes celebrated the Rio advancement of the vaccination schedule on Twitter. #borvacinate

The Saturday 14th vaccination took place at Cidade Deus in the west. Daniel Sorani, Municipal Health Secretary, asked that the population respect the calendar dates in order to make logistics easier. He also stressed the importance of not putting off the search for the vaccine at city health stations due to an increase in cases and new variants.

“There is a concern because we are in a monthly where there is an increase of seasonality which is the winter months and also a new variant entering city. These two factors significantly increase the number of cases currently occurring.” Sorani warned.

The 92% occupancy rate in Rio was addressed by the secretary. She said Rio is providing services and asked that the population continue to follow the sanitary precautions. To protect is to accelerate vaccination and adhere to the restrictions. Avoid crowding, wear a mask and enjoy the outdoors.

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Rio de Janeiro stopped the application of D1 last week for two days. Only pregnant women, postpartum mothers, disabled people, and adults over 50 years old were covered by D1. The capital resumed vaccination according to age on Friday (13). The 24-year-old Cariocas received their vaccinations on this day.