Valentino Rossi said that he was scared before he finished in the 2021 Austrian MotorcycleGP at the Red Bull Ring Circuit on Sunday (16/8). Rossi placed eighth in the Austrian MotoGP. This is The Doctor’s greatest achievement of the season. It also places him in the second top 10 positions in MotoGP 2021.

Valentino Rossi finished eighth in the Austrian MotoGP before he was promoted to 10th in the Italian MotoGP.

“I was afraid at the first corner. I tightened up and continued a long distance. Rossi said that everyone else with wet tires passed us but it was an emotional end.
Rossi is now ranked 19th after Danilo Petrucci, with eight additional points following eighth place in the 2021 Austrian MotoGP.
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Red Bull KTM driver Brad Binder won the 2021 Austrian MotoGP race. He took advantage of the momentum from a few racers changing bikes or swipe bikes during the final laps.