Required Purchasing Documents For A Spanish Property Explained

An image of Spain for many will be golden beaches, matching blue sea and skies, under the bright sun which sees people having fun and relaxing. Thousands of holidaymakers head to the country from the UK with the guarantee of warm weather.

Some will find their time in España so enjoyable that they decide to buy a property and look towards either relocating permanently or heading across regularly for a break to recharge the batteries. Perhaps, you like to have a look at a potential property in the country.

Maybe you are planning a little further ahead, so investing in something like the Cascades new development in Estepona is a more attractive proposition in your present circumstances. Estepona, renowned for its 21 km of beautiful beaches, is located on the Costa Del Sol and attracts visitors year-round who often congregate around the port side restaurants. Its location within easy reach of Gibraltar and Malaga Airports adds to its attraction.

However, before you purchase your property, we look at the documents you will require before completing the transaction so that you can become a property owner in Spain.

NIE (Numero de Identificacion de Extranjeros)

This is your Foreign Identification Number which you will get by applying to the Police Commissariat. They will require your application form and a copy, your passport with the stamp obtained when entering Spain, a valid Spanish Visa for your stay and a return ticket back to the UK.

You will also need your contract of sale, proof that your bank account has enough funds to complete the sale, which is usually between 40 and 50% of the purchase price. A prepayment invoice along with 3 colour passport photos completes your requirements.

Spanish Bank Account

Along with a valid passport and an account with a Spanish bank are also necessary requirements. To open a Spanish bank account, you will require proof of your salary and position of employment, 2 certificates of the income tax (IRPF) and your passport.

For those wishing to relocate and live in Spain, you will need to research the information which includes guidance on residency, healthcare requirements and passports.

Third Person Assistance

If for any reason it is not possible for you to travel to Spain, you can nominate the power of attorney to a third person in the Spanish notary to complete the purchase on your behalf. A similar procedure can also be used to obtain an NIE.

It is important to note that all documents submitted to the Spanish authorities originally in English must be translated by an official translator. Occasionally an Apostle Stamp may also be required.

Get Advice From An Expert

If in any doubt about any of the procedure or documents, you will require to buying a property in Spain it is advisable to speak to qualified professionals such as an Estepona real estate agent for guidance. You will save time and money while your peace of mind is eased so that you can concentrate on the fun that lies ahead in your new abode.

In order to purchase a property in Spain, there are certain documents that are required by the Spanish authorities, and they are mentioned above. This can be confusing for foreign buyers, who may not be familiar with the process, but this article should have been able to explain to you what the documents are and how to obtain them. Keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list, and additional documentation may be required depending on your particular circumstances.