Reasons to reside in Soul Emaar Property

The awesome weather, scenic views, snow-covered mountains, the range of outdoor activities, low cost of living, cosmopolitan shopping, commendable schooling, and education system, and many other factors have made residence in Soul Emaar quite popular among the people.

North Point

This is situated at the Indian School Rd Ne is available with 1-2 bedrooms. You will get these apartments at the cost of $600 and more. The interiors are extremely comfortable yet beautiful, and the exteriors will make you believe in the concept of love at first sight.

Olympus Encantada

These apartments are located in Santa Monica Ave Ne and provide you with the additional facilities of a badminton court and volleyball court. These apartments are available with 1-3 bedrooms. You can rent them at the rental cost starting from $1300.

Eagle point apartments

These are very economical apartments. They can be yours at a mere $500 or more. You will be able to access the facilities of the air conditioner, heater, wifi connection, and much more.

Diamond mesa

These apartments also give you a 4th bedroom allotment. The community has a health center, a business center, and a swimming pool for the residents.

Altezza high desserts

These apartments are available at the rental cost of $800 and more. They allow you to keep the pets along. You no longer have to stay away from your true friends of yours. Also, the major marketplaces and the necessary places lie within a stone’s throw distance.


Depending upon your ease and need, you can choose the area you want your apartment to be in. Prices vary with the area. It depends upon the view the apartment offers, necessary centers in the closest proximity, marketplaces and restaurants, the space of the house, and the facilities it offers.

The pronounced growth has been observed in the southwest and northwest zones of the state. Take a look at the different zones and the pros and cons of living in the apartments they offer.


If you wish to open your eyes in the morning and witness the rising sun, take an apartment in this area. The place offers a scenic view of the snow-covered mountains, foggy weather, and the greenery peeping amidst the dark clouds. Nature lovers would call it literal heaven. Renting an apartment here will make you the neighbor of Sandia Heights, High Desert, North Acres, and estates. Apart from providing access to some really good marketplaces, the area also has great schools to impart quality education to the children. You can get an apartment at a rate starting from $125,000.


If you wish to become the neighbor of Taylor Ranch, Rio Rancho, and Paradise Hills, take an apartment in the west. You will get the cheapest apartment offering all the basic facilities here. Apart from the schools, health centers, and shopping complexes are present at a stone’s throw distance.


If you are a student at the University of Mexico, take an apartment in the southeast. Nob hill lies close to the area and offers innumerable options to the young souls. The nightlife is fantastic, and the cosmopolitan style with the upscaling shopping will take your heart away.


For people looking for peace and solitude, apartments in the east are the best options. They are very affordable as the rental cost is much lower than the national average.

Taking note of the facilities provided by the areas and the nearby accessible centers/offices, you can take property here of your choice.

How to choose the best apartment in Soul Emaar?

Are apartments in Soul Emaar your ideal place of living? Searching for property and finding the perfect one for you is certainly not easy. People find the process of moving from one landlord to the other, finding the one apartment that would fulfill all their requirements and provide them with all the facilities they look for, annoying. It is even more difficult for people who are out of their finding the first apartment of their life. If the level of indecisiveness goes higher than expected, you might get annoyed and irritated. This article will let you know what you should look for in your new apartment and how you can say that the new apartment is the one you have been looking for so long:

How is the neighborhood?

When you are thinking in your head and choosing which apartment you saw over one month should be chosen by you, just think about which landlord was the best amongst the ones you met! Choosing the residence to rent according to the owner is a good way of ending up with the apartment of your dreams. This is because an apartment owner is the one you would have to meet quite a lot while living in the apartment. If the apartment owner you opt for turns out to be rude and arrogant, your life might end up becoming hell!

Is the apartment well maintained?

The dirtier and messier the apartment you choose, the more effort you will have to put in to make it look acceptable. While on the hunting spree, you are most likely to visit several houses and apartmentsand there is a possibility that you might see some apartments that make you want to puke due to their messy condition. Never choose an apartment that is dirty looking, no matter how many facilities it provides, as it would require you to pay a lot of money for its cleaning and maintenance.

Location is important:

When you decide on apartmentsmake sure that you choose the one that doesn’t make your life filled with bus tickets and fuel expenses. Always opt for the apartment that is nearest to the office you go to and the school of your children. The ideal location of an apartment is the center of the city from where everything is near! You don’t have to pay a lot of money for fuel from your office to your children’s school and from the grocery store to the restaurants.