Redesign Website Without Losing SEO

If you are thinking of redesigning your old site and you are wondering whether you will lose SEO then you have to seriously reconsider your decision. It would be unwise on your part to completely redesign the site because the new one will just replace the content of the old site with something that has not been tested or that is not as effective. Even though the old site is still being used, there are ways to make sure that your SEO will not be affected in any way.

There are several components that go into the total design and development of a website. These include the graphics, layout, and appearance. The latter is what most people focus on but it is just as important to the SEO. You also need to take a look at the contents and keywords used. When you implement the complete SEO tool in your website redesign project then you will be able to maximize your chances of reclaiming your old site rankings.

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There are a few ways to make sure that you are not losing SEO points when you redesign the website without losing seo rank. One of them is to keep your old site pages intact and simply update the content. This can also be done by improving on the design and contents of the page. You have to make sure that the new design and contents will complement each other so that there will be no chance for them to be conflicting. Another good thing to do is to add fresh content into the site. This helps the spiders and bots understand what the page is all about and this is very important because this is how the new web visitors will be able to access the necessary information they need.

Another component of the complete website redesign SEO checklist involves the new page titles. If you already have a lot of SEO keywords on your old site then updating them with new ones will help improve your rankings. When designing your page titles, make sure that they will be relevant and this is one way to make sure that you get the best results from the optimization efforts. You can also consider using title indicators like the h-tags and the meta description tags, which are very helpful in improving your search engine rankings.

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Aside from the above, there are still a lot of other factors that you have to take note of. One thing you have to consider is that even if you are redesigning your old site, you have to make sure that you will still be able to get a decent link structure. If you have the older site, it is highly recommended that you stick to the SEO basics like directory submissions and adding in new sites. However, when you have a new site, you have to focus on getting quality backlinks that will lead to better rankings.

You can always start with the homepage and you can also work your way from there. It is important that you have an introduction page and you can always do some changes here especially when you are focusing on the content of the site. It may not be as effective as having a new site, but you can still create link structures that will still help you achieve a good SEO rank.

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You should also look into the social bookmarking part of the SEO process. There are quite a lot of advantages in doing this and among these are better rankings. If you are looking for ways to implement this into your website redesigning efforts, make sure that you read up on other webmasters who are doing this. It is important that you get to learn as much as you can about this SEO technique so that you will be able to use it effectively. This is a great way to boost your popularity and to help you achieve a good SEO rank.

Overall, you should try to avoid losing SEO rankings when you redesign a particular page because this can take away from what the site is supposed to offer. As long as you know the right way to do SEO, you can improve the ranking of your page even when it is a bit cluttered. Aside from having a new design, you can also add new Meta Description Tags and insert images. This will help you optimize your page faster and with less effort. There are many things you can do to boost the ranking of your site and to keep it at the top of search engines.

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