How would industry Technology effect business intelligence

When we talk about the use of business intelligence by technology industry, we understand that such an approach does not only consider the development of such tools and systems but also the utilization of these same tools and systems. Business intelligence or “BI” is one of the buzzwords in the IT/IT industry today. The need to gain advantage from such strategies has led to the emergence of many software development firms (SDPs) and business intelligence software that has emerged specifically for this purpose.

A well known example of a company that is actively using business intelligence by technology industry is Apple. The company not only designs its products on the basis of the latest technological developments but it also makes every part of its business more efficient and effective through a comprehensive understanding of various IT issues. The extensive use of business intelligence by technology industry includes IT, mobile computing, software development and manufacturing. Thus, the company not only serves the personal needs of its users but also provides assistance to them in providing a superior IT solutions.

Another successful example of a company that uses business intelligence by technology industry is NASA. NASA is renowned for having made contributions to space travel. In fact, it is one of the few organizations in the world that possess an extensive knowledge of all space technologies. To this day, NASA has more than two hundred satellites in orbit. These satellites help the organization in collecting data and information in the areas of astronomy and space research.

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A successful use of business intelligence by technology industry includes the financial services industry. This sector is highly dependent on information and data as well as technological advances to ensure smooth operations. IT professionals play a key role in ensuring the smooth functioning of the financial service industries. They conduct periodic analysis of the business processes and help the companies in achieving savings and in maximizing profitability. They can be used for improving the quality of services offered by the financial service companies.

IT analysts are in a great position to contribute to the efficiency and the productivity of any business firm. They conduct timely and in-depth analysis of business applications and systems. They are adept at analyzing a wide array of information, processes, designs, and systems. The successful use of IT analysts by the technology industry ensures increased profitability for the companies. Moreover, they help in improving the customer satisfaction levels.

Another successful example of an organization that uses IT business intelligence by technology industry is the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmaceutical companies depend largely on information technology, when it comes to maintaining their databases, designs, processes, and operations. Pharmaceutical companies use advanced computer modeling and analysis tools to develop new drugs. They also rely on information science experts to overcome the obstacles that impede the efficient processing of their products. The successful development of new drugs depends on the ability to gather and process a large number of data and make them useful.

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The medical device industry is another example of a company that uses IT business intelligence by technology. Many medical devices companies use information science tools for product design and development. The doctors have to carefully consider various factors when designing new medical equipment and gadgets. In addition to that, they also have to maintain the latest technology and instruments in the market. To facilitate such activities, they depend on IT professionals.

Business Process Management (BPM) is another successful use of IT business intelligence by technology industry. This industry is widely known for the production of highly technical software applications and systems. The foremost reason behind the success of BPM in the industry is the ability to effectively collect and analyze a wide range of information. These systems are designed to handle all business related tasks such as customer services, technical support, payroll and accounting. It is an important part of any efficient business and its success depends on the ability to use IT business intelligence by technology.