Redditor posted in a now viral blog post, that their acquaintance who is a bride-to be had asked a handful members of the wedding party to with wedding expenses.

Making a post on Reddit’s “Am I The A**hole” forum on Monday, under the username u/confuseddesiman. Redditor stated: “One of my friends, Katie [fake name], is getting married soon, and while hanging out she mentioned that she will be sending us her Venmo so that we could ‘pitch in’ for the wedding.”

According to the Redditor Katie and her fiancé are unable to finance their wedding, which is why they’re “requesting people to cash in.”

“I come from a culture where parents usually pay for their kids’ weddings, or sometimes the soon-to-be-wed do it for themselves or, borrow money [which they return back],” the Redditor wrote.

In the comments the Redditor stated that they’re from India and are currently within the U.S.

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Incredulous They demanded Katie to refund the money, but an additional friend Maya stated the idea that it’s “normal to chip in for your friends’ wedding” in the United States.

However, this didn’t seem to seem to make sense to the Redditor and they were upset by the fact that they were required to contribute towards the wedding. When they demanded Katie for clarification about why guests had be contributing to the wedding fund Katie was furious as she “called [the Redditor] an a** for embarrassing her in front of everyone.”