Raja Ampat regency tourism areas, West Papua Province, will stay open throughout the Lebaran holiday season this season

The mind of the Raja Ampat Regency Tourism Office, Yusdi Lamatenggo at Waisai, Monday (3/5), stated tourist destinations in the region will stay open with alterations to regulations in line with the management of the central authorities, which actually prohibits Lebaran homecoming activities this season.

He clarified that tourist attractions from Raja Ampat were open to neighborhood residents and national tourists who’d come prior to the homecoming ban has been enforced on May 6-17, 2021.

Thus, tourists from outside Papua who’ve been in Raja Ampat ahead of the homecoming prohibition interval can still delight in the pure splendor of Raja Ampat tourist destinations.

“So tourists from out West Papua, such as Jakarta and overseas tourists that are currently in Raja Ampat Regency, during the Eid vacation are absolutely free to perform tasks in tourist destinations provided that they comply with all the wellness protocols which were determined from the local authorities,” he said as evidenced by ANTARA on Tuesday.

He added that although tourist destinations have been opened, tourist ships from external Papua that could enter Raja Ampat throughout the Lebaran homecoming prohibit weren’t permitted.

In the middle of this Corona virus epidemic, journey remains categorized as a one-way excursion, therefore it shouldn’t be carried out so as to protect against the transmission and spread of Covid-19, particularly in areas where health facilities are still lacking.

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If you would like to travel between towns or between nations, do not neglect to comply with the Corona virus avoidance health protocol, by wearing masks, washing machine, and keeping physical space between people. Do not come in sick and come home ill.