An overpass carrying out a subway train dropped in Mexico City late Monday, killing 20 people, including children, in accordance with local police officers.

The train was traveling in an elevated region of the town’s rapid transit system on the most recent Line 12, also called the Golden Line, when a portion of this overpass collapsed onto visitors beneath, Mexico’s Secretariat of Risk Management and Civil Protection explained.
CCTV surveillance footage indicates the moment the overpass collapsed right on the road, sending a cloud of debris and dust. The episode occurred at 10:25 p.m. local time, based on Mexico City’s Interior Minister Alfonso Suarez Del Real.

Mexico City’s Mayor, Claudia Sheinbaum, tweeted by the spectacle:”Firefighters, public security employees are working. A variety of hospitals are working. We’ll provide more info soon.”
Sheinbaum said one survivor was immobilized in a car under the rubble, but has since been freed. There aren’t any other individuals trapped, ” the mayor said. Rescue attempts were suspended earlier in the night because of concerns on the stability of this subway car, which was dangling over the street.

Mayor Sheinbaum stated 49 was moved to hospitals, seven of whom have been at a severe illness.

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