Tencent introduces a PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds(PUBG) game in mid-2016 and Brenden Greene is an inventor. Brendan Greene is an Irish video game developer. He’s the best game creator ever and the battlegrounds is the best game today’s people earn money from PUBG from youtube channel like Levinho he got 10.9 Million subscribers on youtube Tacaz has 6 Million and many resources. The pubg makes a good place in the gaming industry the pubg have many updates and so many gun’s and skins creative maps. The graphics are realistic in the game which is a very good thing for gameplay and more attractive for a player in pubg the maps are difficult and some maps are easy the map Miramar,sanhok, and Vikendi is so difficult, and most many gamers are using this maps angle and like this maps are commonly used. The guns were fantastic and attractive many people liked different gun’s in public but many gamers and people like M416 with glacier and M762 knowns as known as (Barrel).

Here is the same category of game maps, guns, characters, and gameplay.


Most Using Guns In PUBG MOBILE:

The best gun used in pubg M416(for his recoil) it is the best gun in pubg and M762(Barrel) (for his damage) In AR categories like AR, SNIPER, SHOTGUN, SMG and many categories in SMG most using gun victor and uzi it has  Firerate in Sniper AWM(for his damage) is a good and they give good damage in the game and it’s not easy to available. Its available in airdrop in airdrop has specific guns like Groza, AWM, AUG A3 and etc. 


PUBG introduces many attractive seasons in a game like Ramadan, Eid, Christmas and etc. The main thing in pubg royal pass how to attract the people to play the game now current royal pass M13 and running season C3S7 the pubg invented new maps in all updates when pubg update game they introduce many maps,guns, skins, characters, and many rewards 



Most using maps in pubg is Erangle most places in erangle people like to rush on this places gorgepol, military base and the most favorite place of every people is pochinki. Because it’s easy to rush.

2nd most played map is livik. Livik is a small map easy to rush and consumes less time and is easy to play but most people like to play erangle because noob plays livik but a pro player In pubg 100 players land on the map and fight against each other and last man standing

win and win chicken dinner and increase the level of the most played battleground game because its fabulous.



PUBG has the most fantastic gun skins in the game and the most attractive the most demanded skin in PUBG is M416 GLACIER. Terror Fang Kar98K is a sniper 8-Bit Unicorn M762(BARREL). Mauve Avenger AWM. Desert Fossil AKM.