Pubg Among Us Gun Updates For PUBG

The MCX is a new rapid-fire 5.56mm AR with a punchy punch. Players can customize it by upgrading its suppressor for more recoil-free shooting and stealth. Besides this new weapon, a large number of other weapons have been updated as well. You can find grenade launchers for the M416 and Beryl M762, a magnetic bomb, tank pubg among us gun Flash Hider, and the T-RS healing item.

MCX pistol

If you’re looking for a high-quality gun for Pubg, then you’re in the right place. The M416 is a great weapon for players of all levels. Its high rate of fire, wide variety of attachments, and easy reloading capabilities make it one of the best Pubg guns.

Players can customize their MCX pistol with various attachments, including an Enhanced Silencer and a Scope. You can also upgrade your MCX rifle to become more effective and have more DPS. In addition to the MCX pistol, other Pubg among us guns include the DSR-1 assault rifle and the Crossbow Rifle.

The MCX pistol is a 5.56mm rapid-fire AR with a high-damage punch. You can also customize it with an improved suppressor, which trades off some recoil for increased stealth. In addition to the new gun, several other items have also been updated, such as the Crossbow and the M416 grenade launcher. In addition, the MCX is also compatible with the new Tank Flash Hider attachment, which enhances damage and decreases vertical recoil. The Crossbow will also feature magnetic grenades, which explode after five seconds.

DSR 1 rifle

The DSR 1 rifle is a new sniper rifle for PUBG. It has a long-range aiming function and is covered with a mysterious black layer. This gun is very effective and can deal great damage. It is set to officially be released on October 10th. This sniper rifle is lightweight and easy to carry around. Its scope will help you see targets more clearly at long range, and it is equipped with a suppressor to lower the weapon’s noise and enhance its deviation control.

Players can customize the DSR-1 rifle to make it more effective. They can also equip a Flash Tank to boost their speed in the game. The game also has a magnetic bomb that explodes after five seconds. Another new weapon is the M416. It has a high fire flame and 5.56 mm rounds. The game will also introduce new items that you can purchase for your weapon, including T-RS and Self-Defibrillator.

The DSR 1 is a new rifle in PUBG among us that has a higher damage rating than the M24 and AWM. It has a range of 100 and an effective damage rating of 95. There are other new weapons in the game, such as the M24. The M24 was once known as a bird rifle and has a range of 100.

MCX rifle

The MCX rifle is a new rapid fire rifle that uses 5.56mm ammo. It is highly customizable and comes with new accessories like a suppressor. It is also faster and uses less recoil, which makes it more stealthy. Besides the MCX, other guns have also been updated, including the Tank Flash Hider for DSR-1, a magnetic bomb for the Crossbow, and M416 Grenade Launchers. Players can also equip items like 10x Deca Vision, Poison Grenade, and T-RS to maximize their game experience.

The MCX rifle is a fast firing assault rifle with a 5.56mm round, and is one of the most powerful guns in the game. It also has an upgraded silencer to reduce the recoil. This gun also has a range of attachments, including a scope, muzzle, stock, and magazine.

The MCX rifle was introduced in the latest update for New State Mobile, which introduces a new weapon for players. It is the most powerful weapon in the game and uses 5.56mm ammo. Players can also customise this weapon by attaching an enhanced suppressor, which makes it more stealthy. It also increases the weapon’s recoil, so players can be more effective in the game.

This newest collaboration between Pubg and Among Us brings new features to the game. This new gun has a new introduction mode and different mini-game features. The game also features new costumes and vehicles. Users can use the MCX VIRTUS to complete missions in the game