New PlayStation Event Rumored to Happen Very Soon

PlayStation is reportedly planning to host a new showcase in the near future. Fans of the console have been waiting for Sony to announce a dedicated event for the PlayStation. Since 2022, Sony has been holding State of Play demonstrations, but a larger presentation is rumored to take place in a few weeks. While we don’t have any confirmation at this time, we’re very excited to hear more details on this new event.

State of Play

The PlayStation State of Play event will be held next week. The show will be 30 minutes long, and will focus on the latest third-party games and the PlayStation VR2 headset. It will also highlight some of Sony’s future plans for PlayStation VR. So far, the only officially announced PS VR2 game is Horizon Call of the Mountain. However, Sony has been very secretive about the rest of the lineup. The event should be fun for gamers, but it’s also worth tuning in to see what the future holds.

God of War: Ragnarok

Sony is rumored to hold a PlayStation Showcase very soon. This event could reveal upcoming PS5 games as well as the official release date for God of War: Ragnarok. This event is highly anticipated, as the game was originally teased for release during the PlayStation 5 Showcase in 2020. However, due to a COVID-19 pandemic, the sequel has been delayed until next year. In the meantime, it is still expected to come out late in 2022 or early 2023.


During the past several months, we’ve heard rumors about PSVR 2. One of those rumors came from UK-based developer nDreams, which has long been associated with VR. This studio is most famous for creating the stealth VR game Phantom: Covert Ops and the fracked VR experience. Whether it’s true or not remains to be seen. If it does happen, it would be an exciting day for the VR community.

Star Wars Eclipse

Quantic Dream is working on a new Star Wars game, and on a video game trailer, they revealed the details. The trailer showed a large open world with competitive multiplayer elements. It also showed cinematics and the game’s story. It was developed by Quantic Dream Montreal, which is also responsible for the game’s multiplayer. The studio has been working on a Star Wars game for several years, and the new trailer is the company’s first for PlayStation.


There’s a big leak on the net about a new GTA game rumored to be coming soon. It mentions the big cities of Miami, New York, and Liberty City. There’s also a hint about Vice City. The leak also says that the game will be set in the Caribbean islands. Whether this is true or not is anyone’s guess.