Prime Minister warns that Lebanon is just days away from a "social explosion."

The “social explosion” in Lebanon is just days away as the country’s economic crisis worsens, Caretaker Prime Minister Hassan Diab stated Tuesday during a meeting with diplomats and ambassadors.

“Lebanon is just days away from the social boom. Diab stated that the Lebanese face this fate alone.
Diab appealed to international and regional leaders to rescue Lebanon from a crisis that has seen the local currency lose 90 percent of its value, leaving 77% of households without enough food.
As residents battle with severe shortages and power outages, the population of Lebanon spends hours waiting in line at gas stations to purchase fuel.
Diab stated to the ambassadors that he was calling for princes, kings, presidents, and leaders from our friendly countries. He also called on the United Nations, all international organizations, and the United Nations to rescue Lebanon.
Since August 4, 2020, Diab was forced to resign in the wake of the devastating Beirut port explosion. Diab has been acting as a caretaker. Since then, the fractious sectarian politicians are unable to agree on an alternative government.
Diab stated that only a new cabinet can restart negotiations with the International Monetary Fund.
According to Reuters, he stated that “This government doesn’t have the right to restart negotiations with IMF to implement recovery plan set forth by the cabinet.”
Last month, the European Union’s chief of the foreign policy stated to Lebanon’s leaders that they were responsible for the country’s political and economic crisis. He warned them that they could be sanctioned if they don’t take steps to form a new government or implement reform.
Diab acknowledged repeated calls for aid to be tied to reform but stated that “the siege imposed on Lebanon” was not affecting corrupt people — an apparent reference towards politicians.
He stated that Lebanese are losing patience and “linking Lebanon to the formation of the new government has become an existential threat to the lives and livelihoods of the Lebanese entities.”

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