Dustin says not McGregor Fast, McGregor Sleep

There are fans on both sides. Celebrities including professional fighters or celebrities who are somehow related to fighting business made their predictions. Celebrities predictions on Conor vs Dustin 3 are mentioned below:

Conor McGregor Predictions For The Win:

Image taken from Conor McGregor Instagram account @thenotoriousmma clicked in Conor vs Dustin I
Image taken from Conor McGregor Instagram account @thenotoriousmma clicked in Conor vs Dustin I



Tyson Fury Says Conor Will Win This Time

Georges St-Pierre, former champion UFC welterweight:

“I believe McGregor is very skilled in rematches, and I think he will win the victory,”St-Pierre. “I believe he’s likely to win the second round by knockout.” [TriStar Gym YouTube]

UFC heavyweight Ciryl Gae:

“Conor McGregor is my pick. He might finish the fight before it ends. Vielleicht he’s going to win the fight before it ends.”James Lynch

Dan Hardy, former fighter in the UFC and analyst:

“I believe it’s a very competitive fight. It’s something I would love to see. Although McGregor is my bias, I don’t think Poirier’s chances are diminished. He is an outstanding fighter. It’s clear.” [Real Quick with Mike Swick]

UFC bantamweight Sean O’Malley

“Who am I?” is the question. Conor is my choice, and I want to see Conor win. “Conor vs Dustin 3 is one of my favorite big events. O’Malley’s YouTube Page

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UFC welterweight Stephen Thompson

“He has to return to the old Conor McGregor that we are used to seeing with the same movements; not the boxing style, keeping in front of the camera, trying to bang the out type of Conor McGregor. If he wants to finish him, he has to bring back his karate style. He is a smart man. He’s also a smart guy. That’s a hard one. Conor is my goal, and I have 500 dollars. You know what, 500 dollars, I’m going for Conor.”James Lynch

Guy from Food Network Fieri:

“The first fight was seven years ago, and McGregor won. Then Dustin returns and wins big. They used to be friends, but then they became enemies. Conor enjoys an adversarial environment, and I believe he gets great results from it. Jay Glazer knows a lot about MMA and football. I’m not sure what to think. This was a back and forth conversation. It’s not clear who it will be. I have to come up with something… McGregor is my choice. I take McGregor.UFC Twitter

Predictions on Dustin Poirier Win:

A photo taken from Dustin Instagram account @dustinpoirier got clicked just after the Dustin vs Conor II knockout

Sylvester Stallone, movie star:

“It’s true that Poirier is a man who is psychologically a bit hesitant. But Poirier has a huge advantage.” “I mean, you have two guys who are psychologically a little hesitant but Poirier has a big-time advantage.”TMZ Sports

Chris Pratt, movie star:

“I’m very excited about this fight. It’s going to be great. It’s Poirier’s night. I believe he has Conor’s number. He’s hungry and will be bigger that night. Respect to both fighters. We are grateful for everything you have done for the sport and for the fighters that were there. God bless you all, keep safe and entertain us at home. It’s amazing, and we love you Dana. We love it, we love you, Dana.”UFC Twitter

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Colby Covington, UFC Welterweight:

“He’ll likely beat Conor again. What is the saying? You beat a guy who has lost all motivation to the sport. Conor is a great guy. Conor has had a wonderful career and accomplished great things in the sport. But, you have to remember that your time is up. It is obvious that you aren’t training every day. It’s evident you’re not learning your craft. And it’s clear you’re busy with other business deals to make your money and increase your bank accounts. Conor is not as hungry now than he was a few years ago. Conor is a different person towards the end of his journey, and it’s hard to beat him. It’s a different Conor towards the end of his journey and it’s not saying much to beat him anymore.”MMA Fighting

Paulie Malignaggi, former boxing champion:

To be honest, I think McGregor is going to get his arse kicked again. They’ll tell ya he was distracted again. It’s okay, because he just sold $600 million of his whiskey. Helen Yee was told by Malignaggi

Andrew Zimmer, Culinary Expert:

“Too much Dustin. It’s the Trilogy, Conor is Conor. But Dustin is rising and Conor is falling. Too many distractions. Poirier has been too active lately.” Too many distractions, Poirier’s been too active recently.”UFC Twitter

UFC lightweight Dan Hooker

“I don’t believe that this is enough time to adjust. He would have needed to be off work for a while after getting knocked out. He hasn’t had enough time to adjust in the gym, which I don’t think is the case. … I can’t see the fight changing because of time constraints. Sportskeeda

Javier Mendez, American Kickboxing Academy head trainer:

“I’m going to vote for Dustin because Dustin is my favorite and Conor is not my favorite. Conor is not a person I could ever love. Never. I have never been a fan of Conor. He should win, but it is what it will be. He doesn’t want his guys to win. I don’t want him winning. It is what it IS. Dustin is my partner. Because I believe he can. However, I also don’t like him.” [Real Quick With Mike Swick]