Porsche's transition from sports cars into SUVs and EVs

Porsche has been called the ultimate sports car brand.

Its cars, especially the legendary 911, combine high performance with quality construction and a solid reputation of dependability.

The brand that was known for its small, agile two-door sports cars didn’t make it big when it attempted to create a four-door utility vehicle called the Cayenne.

Today, SUVs account for a large portion of Porsche’s sales. They are praised by their performance and retain the Porsche DNA.

The brand is entering the race towards electrification. The Taycan sells as well as the 911. The innovator is now playing catch-up with others and is also faced with the challenge of making an electric vehicle that is different from its competitors while still keeping the Porsche spirit. This story was not published because the automaker refused to interview for it.

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