Lil Nas X has perfect response to criticism of him kissing a male dancer at awards show

After he kissed a male backing singer during his performance at Los Angeles’ 2021 BET Awards, Lil Nas X caused an internet frenzy.

The star sang the hit song ‘Montero’ (Call Me By Your Name), in an Egyptian-themed performance, which was apparently inspired by Michael Jackson’s music video for ‘Remember The Time.

It was however the climax of this performance that made people talk. Lil Nas X, who identifies as gay, leaned over to passionately kiss one of his dancers. This is believed to be the first time that two men have ever kissed on stage during the ceremony.

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Although Lil Nas X received a standing ovation, it was Twitter that was the most lauded, with many people expressing their delight at his performance, especially for the moment when he kissed, which was poignantly occurring during Pride Month.

Lil Nas X didn’t stop there. He responded on Twitter to a critic who said that his performance disregarded African culture and their ancestors. The 22-year-old star responded by saying, “Y’all really want to pretend homosexuality doesn’t exist within African culture.”

Evidence suggests that African cultures were more open to gender and sexuality long before European colonization.

Bravo Lil Nas X. Never let that happen.

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