Pope Francis reads newspapers and walks while he recovers from surgery, according to the Vatican

According to the Vatican, Tuesday (6), Pope Francis has made good progress from the operation he had on Sunday (4) in Rome. He is now able to walk, eat, and even read newspapers.

Francisco had diverticulitis, which is an inflammation of the colon, treated at the A. Gemelli Hospital. The operation lasted three hours. The pontiff was required to remain in the hospital for seven days according to a medical bulletin (5).


Matteo Bruni (director of the Holy See Press Room), said that Pope Francis rested well over the night. He ate breakfast, read newspapers, and then got up to go for a walk. Postoperative progress is good. Bruni stated that routine follow-up examinations are good, based upon the advice of doctors who care for the pontiff.

Federico Lombardi, the then-Vatican spokesman, confirmed that Francis had lost part of his lungs to severe pneumonia at 21.

According to Italian media, the Vatican refuted rumors that there was a benign brain tumor in the Argentine pontiff.

According to the Vatican spokesperson, the pope started regular physical therapy sessions in the same year due to back and hip pain.

In 2017, in Rome, the pontiff described the operation on his lungs to an Argentine journalist. He also said that he had been a provincial superior of Jesuits when he had previously undergone gallbladder surgery.

He also reported a 2004 heart problem and stated that he had been diagnosed with fatty liver (fatty liver) in the same way as his father. He overcame this condition with a diet that helped him lose weight.

Francisco explained that he has an intervertebral space that is narrow between the fourth and fifth cervical vertebrae and between the sacrum and the sacrum. He also said that he has flat feet and is often seen walking “like broody chickens.”

According to the Argentine pontiff, he also had cataract surgery in 2019.

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