Dr. Hilary Jones: Too much faith is placed in vaccination by the government

Dr. Hilary Jones: Too much faith is placed in vaccination by the governmentDr. Hilary Jones stated that the government has “too much faith” in vaccines to fight coronavirus.

He told Richard Madeley and Susanna REI, a 68-year old GP and TV host, that he was cautious about plans to lift UK restrictions on the COVID pandemic.

Dr. Hilary stated that “Masks are one thing, social distancing another, and vaccination is the third.”

“We have too much faith in vaccination. Everyone says it’s wonderful and has significantly weakened the connection between deaths and hospitalizations.

“And we would be in a great place if we only dealt with the alpha and the Kent variants. We are actually dealing with the delta variant, which is more transmissible.

“We will have at least 50,000 cases in a few more days.”

Dr. Hilary Jones: Too much faith is placed in vaccination by the government

He said, “There will be other variants. The more cases we get, the factory, the breeding ground, for another variation.

Madeley and Reid commented on the TV doctor’s response that they plan to continue wearing facemasks in public, even though it is no longer a legal requirement.

Madeley, 65 years old, stated that “until everyone’s been double-jabbed until I feel like people out there are happy getting back to a mask-less society, until then.” Because I accept the good manners of not spooking other people, I will wear mine.

Reid, 50, stated: “And that is very community-minded of your, but there will plenty of people. Yesterday it was 50/50 among our viewers who claimed they were going to wear masks. The poll now shows that 70% of respondents are willing to wear masks, while only 30% said they would.

“I have already observed a lack in compliance, and it is still a requirement. My concern is not for the elderly, but those who have been double-jabbed. This Dr. Hilary will be obvious to you. My parents are in their 80s, and I want them to know that there are people who care enough about their vulnerability and health that they’ll continue wearing their masks.

Madeley had accused Dr. Hilary of misleading viewers about the dangers of COVID.

Dr. Hilary said, “Yes, you are absolutely correct. We do have the vaccine. But what people forget is that the vaccine doesn’t guarantee 100 percent protection.

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“10% of double-jabbed people are still at risk for the virus and are still susceptible.”

Madeley accused the doctor of misleading people when he stated: “Don’t you think that the use of percentages is to make a case? But that’s a bit misleading because yes, the percentage increase in hospitalizations have gone up, I believe 24 percent?”

Although it sounds like a lot, in reality, it is very low.