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PJ Baker is a boxer, fitness model, and trainer. He had always enjoyed working out since he was a youngster, and whenever his father and a buddy worked out at home, he would join them and compete with them. However, he did not prioritize exercise and health until 2019. After that year, PJ concentrated on his work and decided to pursue a career in fitness. He is now a popular fitness model and trainer.

PJ Baker is a boxing enthusiast in addition to being a model and coach. He acquired this interest from his cousin Al Robinson, who competed in several big boxing events and won the National Golden Glove Championship twice as well as a silver medal in the 1968 Olympics.

PJ Baker on Instagram

PJ is an active user of Instagram where he shares his motivating photos and videos of work out. He believes that such content inspires others to bring a healthy lifestyle in their journey of life. He shares encouraging captions on Instagram which always attract others such as “Practice, patience, and timing. And do what you love in life”.

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Recently PJ shared a video in which he is doing treadmill wheel roll exercise. The people who have ever tried to do it before know how difficult it is. However, PJ is doing it like nothing. It shows the passion, practice, and stamina of the man. He shared the video with the caption “Staying in my own lane swerving through the distractions”.

PJ Baker’s Motivation

Countless fitness models come and go while living their full-fledged fitness lifestyle. Few, on the other hand, devote their lives to assisting others in living a healthy lifestyle. Trainers like these care for the environment as a whole rather than just about themselves. Their ability to help others not only demonstrates their good energy but also their strength, as teaching individuals to attain perfection takes a lot of energy. PJ Baker is one of such personalities and has become a big name in the fitness industry. When he was asked about his motivation behind such a righteous theory, he stated:  

“My kids and my health are the main reasons why I started to dedicate my life to fitness. I will do anything possible to prevent any health issues that will keep me away from them. I also like the challenge that fitness brings. I know a lot of individuals that will start but then stop and that’s simply because it is a challenge and a lot of people don’t like to face challenges but I love it!!!”

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To see the video you can visit his Instagram. Click here to see.