Kristin Smart case of disappearence

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff Ian Parkinson Maintained a Media conference at Cal Poly on Tuesday Day to officially announce the arrest of Paul Flores to Its murder of Kristin Smart.


Another look at Paul’s father’s household only last 30 days additionally allegedly given proof that led at an estimate persuading two search unsuccessful and also two arrest warrants – just one for Paul plus yet because of his dad, Ruben. Subsequently in 20-19 they interviewed at one new opinion that’d been earlier researched. Parkinson imputed the”Your Own Backyard” podcast for attracting this fresh info to lighting.

Cal Poly has been that the previous place that the 19-year-old trainee was observed residing not quite 25 decades in the past. With this new signs, Parkinson mentioned detectives could procure a court order to intercept Flores’s email communications. From then on, hunt warrants functioned in Flores’s dwelling in San Pedro, his mom and dad’ domiciles in Arroyo Grande, along with also his sister’s house allegedly uttered signs for another hunt in San-Pedro at which Sheriff Parkinson states researchers gathered evidence regarding the murder of Kristin sensible.

Sheriff Parkinson laid the brand new deadline ultimately causing Flores’s arrest. He clarified in overdue 20-16, researchers acquired ahold of signs that discovered Flores whilst the primary defendant in Kristin’s disappearance.

Paul Flores was arrested at his home for the case in disappearance of Kristin Smart
Paul Flores was arrested at his home for the case in disappearance of Kristin Smart

His first San-Pedro household Tuesday early morning and pushed into the San Luis Obispo County

Jail where he had been booked on the complaint of murder. He explained that he thinks they’re nearer to locating Kristin along with Paul Has Been Shot in to custody in the Diminished to comment.

Attachment to this offense.  A look in his dwelling White court docket at Arroyo Grande

lasted Tuesday day and Parkinson mentioned it would last in to the following moment.  Researchers hunted Paul’s household for the next moment.

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Investigators will carry on to concentrate on discovering their own or her remains.

Parkinson stated that he talked into the Wise household on Tuesday, stating,

Up Date (10:10 a.m.) – Ruben Flores was booked in the San Luis

Reserving logs failed to demonstrate that a bond figure.

Up Date (12:28 p.m.) – Paul Flores was booked in the San Luis

District Attorney’s Office.

Not talk what signs had been uncovered; but he mentioned researchers haven’t yet regained Kristin’s continues to be.

His lawyer, Harold Mesick,

Obispo County Jail briefly afterwards 9:30 a.m. to a single cost of as an

accessory after the simple truth, California Penal Code 32PC.

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Obispo County Jail only afternoon Tuesday over a single charge of murder.


Ruben Flores was detained Tuesday morning on suspicion of becoming


The situation Was switched into the San Luis Obispo County

The 80-year-old’s bond is set at £ 250,000.

“that I believe that they’re experiencing a little aid, however, since you are able to see right now, before we reunite Kristin into these this isn’t more than.”


Ruben Flores has been held together with bail set at £ 250,000.

Sheriff Parkinson Reported that the hunt warrants are sealed therefore that he could

Paul Flores is predicted at court for arraignment on Thursday.  He also

Is currently being held with bond.

Ruben Flores getting arrested for the disappearence of kristin smart
Ruben Flores getting arrested for the disappearence of kristin smart


Paul Flores, after leaving an off-campus fraternity party in San Luis Obispo

and walking back to her dorm.

While her body hasn’t been discovered, she was declared legally dead

It was the third hunt targeting Paul Flores and his family

Flores’s attorney, Robert Sanger.  He told us he doesn’t comment on pending


Detectives spent two days, March 15-16, looking the property

Early in the investigation, Flores was identified as a person

White Court with cadaver dogs and ground-penetrating radar and digging in a number of spots away from the house.  They also hauled off an old Volkswagen.

That revelation came as sheriff’s

The San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office is expected to

UPDATE (8:40 a.m.) – Paul Flores was taken into custody Tuesday

of interest in Smart’s disappearance.  For the very first time only last month,

sheriff’s officials referred to him as the”prime suspect” in the situation.

Announce”major” new developments in the Kristin Smart case Tuesday


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In February of this year, Paul was arrested on a weapons charge

Daily Reuters reached out to Paul


That sheriff’s officials said was the result of data obtained through the

2020 searches.  However, investigators haven’t yet revealed whether any

evidence related to the Kristin Smart instance has been discovered.

just over a year.  In February 2020, his parents’ and sister’s houses were

searched on the same day detectives hunted Paul’s house in San Pedro.  Digital

devices were allegedly seized.  In April 2020, the San Pedro property was

searched a second time.

Custody at roughly the same time in his home in Arroyo Grande.  San Luis Obispo

County Sheriff’s officials are serving another search warrant in the Arroyo

Grande property this morning.

According to witnesses, she was last seen with fellow student,


Investigators served a search warrant in the Arroyo Grande home of Flores’s

father, Ruben Flores.  At around 7:45 a.m. on Tuesday, multiple unmarked law

enforcement vehicles were spotted outside Ruben’s home.  Officials at the

scene told Daily Reuters they’re serving another search warrant.

She would have been 44-years-old last February.

Morning in San Pedro, allegedly in connection with the disappearance of Cal

Poly student Kristin Smart.


May 25, 2021 marks 25 years since Kristin’s disappearance.

Smart was a freshman at Cal Poly when she vanished back in

on May 25, 2002.

Paul’s father, Ruben Flores, was also allegedly taken into

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