The film’s premise is a twisted revenge plot. The Riddler, a criminal mastermind, murders a wealthy businessman and sends him to Arkham Asylum. In the process, he accidentally kills a journalist, allowing him to escape. The film’s third act sees him assassinating several people, including a reporter who is investigating the death of Thomas. The Riddler’s plan for Gotham City involves causing the city to flood, and then killing any survivors who are caught fleeing.

Originally, the Riddler was a scientist who experimented on humans and made them into zombies. But, after being cured of his human condition, the virus also kept him youthful and sabotaged his entire society. In The Batman, he returns as the leader of the Pact and becomes a vigilante, destroying the laboratories where he once worked.

The Riddler first appeared in the animated series Robot Chicken, where he is voiced by Patrick Warburton. In the series, the Riddler is an assassin who accidentally killed Lucius Fox. After being assassinated by Fox’s daughter Tiffany, the corpse of the Riddler is used by the Pact for biometric keys and a usable version of the LOTUS virus.

In the film, Riddler goes by the name Edward Nashton. This masked killer based on the real-life Zodiac Killer is a serial killer who targets the rich and powerful in Gotham City. The Riddler has a complicated history, as he has a troubled past and was once the orphan of a wealthy family. He idolizes Batman, which helps him in his quest to rob the super-wealthy of his ill-gotten wealth.

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The Riddler first appeared in the 1960s television show Batman. He was portrayed by Michael Bell. In the 1995 film Batman Forever, he was played by Jim Carrey. The movie’s plot involved The Riddler posing as the superhero Supergirl. The movie’s ending had a similar theme, with the Riddler appearing in a cartoon version of the character.

The Riddler was originally portrayed by Jim Carrey in the film Batman Forever. However, in the film, the Riddler is a fictional character whose identity is never explicitly established. The original version of the character was a fictionalized version of the character, which was a more popular cartoon in the 1990s.

The Riddler appears in the animated series as the Riddler. His team has ties to the Joker and is part of the Legion of Doom. He also appears in the Batman vs. Robin comics. Despite the name, the Riddler is a member of the Justice League. The villains in the film are armed and often disguised. The Riddler is a lone wolf with a gun.

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