Papathanasis: The Service for entrepreneurship will Last

“We aren’t completely opening the marketplace. The virus is here, a number of our fellow citizens are intubated”, said the Deputy Minister of Development and Investment, Nikos Papathanasis, saying that” from now malls and disregard villages have opened and from May 3 the restaurant opens, together with self test and just with people sitting overseas spaces and with limitations”.

There’s also service for fixed prices and funding for the restart, in May there will be financing. By opening the stage for 7 percent (of this turnover) of this restaurant subsidy, each professional will understand how much money he’ll get and will have the ability to regulate his position”. “We’ll encourage the attention, but there’s not any cash from the currency trees,” explained Mr. Papathanasis, speaking to the significance of providing liquidity from global markets through lending as well as the updating of the Greek market by S&P.
Concerning the travels at Easter, Mr. Papathanasis explained that”the scientists have contributed their remarks and also the State has obtained the choices. Many regions are still congested. “Mostly young men and women are asymptomatic coronavirus patients, we don’t wish a new spread”

Concerning the accumulated debts of companies from tax-insurance donations and obligations to banks and people, which based on estimates amount to over 20 billion euros,” Mr. Papathanasis explained that thousands of euros are given to encourage steps equally in 2020 and also this season, stating that the help will last and didn’t rule out other choices, e.g. for the settlement of debts in parallel with present liabilities in many installments, over 120.