Myanmar crisis

Southeast Asian leaders stated they’d agreed on a strategy together with Myanmar’s junta leader on Saturday to finish the tragedy from the violence-hit state, but he didn’t explicitly respond to needs to prevent the killing of civilian protesters.

“We tried to not accuse his side too much since we do not care who is causing it,” Muhyiddin added. “We simply worried that the violence has to cease. For him, it is another side that is causing the issues. However he agreed that violence has to cease.”
ASEAN leaders needed a commitment from Min Aung Hlaing to control his security forces, who an activist tracking team states have killed 745 individuals because a mass civil disobedience movement erupted to challenge his Feb. 1 coup. They’d wanted the release of political prisoners.

“He didn’t deny that which had been put forward by me and a number of other coworkers,” Muhyiddin said.
As per a statement from team seat Brunei, a consensus has been reached on five factors – ending violence, a constructive dialogue among all parties, a particular ASEAN envoy to facilitate the dialogue, approval of help and a trip by the envoy to Myanmar. There wasn’t any mention of releasing political prisoners from the announcement. “He explained (Min Aung Hlaing) heard , he’d take the things in, which he believed useful,” said Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, according to Channel NewsAsia television.

“He wasn’t in relation to ASEAN playing a constructive role, or even an ASEAN delegation trip, or humanitarian aid.”
However, Lee added the procedure had a very long way to go,”because there is 1 thing to say you will stop violence and release political prisoners; it is another thing to have it done”.
“ASEAN should now act quickly and also set a definite timeline for Min Aung Hlaing to send on end the violence, or stay prepared to hold him liable.” Myanmar is a portion of this 10-nation ASEAN, that has a coverage of consensus conclusion and non-interference from the affairs of its members.

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Myanmar’s parallel National Unity Government (NUG), comprised of pro-democracy statistics, remnants of Suu Kyi’s ousted government and agents of armed ethnic groups, said that it welcomed the consensus reached however the junta had to be hauled to its claims.
“We anticipate business action by ASEAN to follow up its decisions and to restore our democracy,” explained Dr. Sasa, spokesman for the NUG.
It was uncommon to the leader of a military authorities in Myanmar to attend an ASEAN summit – generally the nation was represented with a lower-ranked officer or a civilian.
While ASEAN’s non-interference coverage makes it challenging to handle contentious issues, the entire body is observed from the United Nations, China and the United States as best positioned to take care of the junta directly.
“We at the [@UN] Security Council eagerly anticipate the results of this @ASEAN assembly on Burma, which warrants immediate and serious focus,” U.S Ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas-Greenfield tweeted.
Nevertheless, some analysts cautioned of the hazards of giving validity to this junta by encouraging its chief to the summit.
“Formal representation of the Tatmadaw (Myanmar army ) in the ASEAN summit, without providing any concessions in return, such as first and foremost a commitment to prevent the bloodshed, isn’t constructive,” Huong Le Thu, of the Australian Strategic Policy Initiative, wrote in an investigation of the ASEAN meeting.

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