Our Robotics Story - Adaeze Onu for Founder Of The Year

We love hearing inspiring stories about creative entrepreneurs, and one of them is Adaeze Onu, who founded the fashion brand Dexycreation and its academy. She empowers women by teaching them skills and building their self-identity through fashion. She is also a mentor through the LEAP Africa program. She started her business with just a hundred thousand nairas and now employs over 500 people and plans to empower ten thousand women within the next three years.


Her robotics team won the competition with an innovative idea. Her robot follows a black line on a white surface, and it has to follow it to win the challenge. The students were able to be creative in designing a robot that could follow a black line. The ONU team was able to create the best solution. The robot is now working on developing new apps to help people with different challenges.

Our Robotics Story - Adaeze Onu for Founder Of The Year

Adaeze is a junior computer engineering major who relied on trial-and-error to program the robot. She believes all robots are the same and the performance of the robot will be determined by the material taught in class. The Atrium of ONU’s new Kennedy Engineering Building served as the perfect setting for the ONU Robotics Challenge. The team is now ready to compete in the regional competition.

Onaeze Onu was one of the two teams to place first in the ONU Robotics Challenge. She teamed up with two other ONU students to challenge the newest technology. They designed a wheeled robot to follow a black line on a white surface. The students had to be creative and come up with the best solution. They then competed against each other in a bracket-style competition to determine the overall winner.

In a recent interview, Onu shared her dream about her robotics business with the media. She says that she hopes to make a global impact by creating jobs and businesses. She also aims to help people in Nigeria. In Nigeria, she is a successful woman who has the vision to use robots to create more jobs and make a better world. So, how did Adaeze Onu become a successful creative entrepreneur?

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The Nigerian entrepreneur has used her business to develop new and innovative products for a global market. She has created a business that makes use of robotics. She is the co-founder of a company that sells robots and software for various industries. She has also been involved in other projects as a student and an intern. Our robotics story is a successful one! Our creative entrepreneur is an inspiration to many people.