Monkey D. Luffy Gear Fifth Form

As the final season of One Piece approaches, the original creator of the series, Eiichiro Oda, has opened up about what inspired the series’ gears. In particular, Oda explained what inspired Luffy’s Gear Fifth, a new power that will enable him to use new equipment. As a result, the Gear Fifth is unlike any other form of gear ever seen in the manga.

When compared to other superheroes, Luffy’s new form is far more powerful than his previous forms. The Gear 5-form grants him an ability to stretch out his arms and his body in order to fight. Luffy uses his new power to transform anything in front of him, including Kaidou’s dragon form. He can even turn Kaidou into a rope, which allows him to jump out of his mouth.

During his rescue mission at Marineford, Luffy, and his crew lost the battle, but they recovered from it. The next time they encountered each other, Luffy, and his crew were better prepared. The new abilities they possessed would help them survive in the New World. In the first episode of the anime, Luffy and his crew were on the verge of defeating the villainous Gargamel and rescuing their brother.

Although the powers of Luffy’s Gear Fifth Form are not entirely tangible, the animation still retains elements of cartoons, such as rubber hoses. Luffy’s powers, too, have always been cartoon-inspired and designed to surprise people. Oda wanted to unleash the Gear Fifth side of Luffy, and he did so in a way that fulfills his narrative purpose and recontextualizes Luffy’s character.