Teen Injured in Fight at Trampoline Park

The police tried to break up a fight, but the teens refused to leave and continued fighting. One of the teens was injured but refused medical attention. Police were called and the teens were escorted outside, where the fight broke out again. The teenager is expected to recover fully. Read more about the case below. Several teens have been arrested. This is the third incident involving a teenager in Mobile.

Kamren Lanczak, 15, is charged with assault with intent to cause great bodily harm and assault with a dangerous weapon

Police say the two teenagers got into a fight when a man tried to stab Lanczak with a knife. The teenager then retrieved a folding knife and threw it in a dumpster. Lanczak was treated at a local hospital and suffered a laceration to his left index finger and a skinned right knee. Police have gotten video of the incident and arraigned Lanczak. He was released on $250,000 cash-surety bond.

He is accused of stabbing several people

Three men got into an argument in the early morning hours of Tuesday at the Mobile trampoline park, leaving two of them with stab wounds. Police say one man stabbed another in the back and the other in the hand. The three men were not identified, but one of them was Curtis’ cousin. A fight broke out inside the home, but eventually spilled outside. Police say they contacted the suspect, who dropped the knife. The suspect was then detained and arrested. When police arrived, they found two men unconscious. The men had been stabbed in the chest and an arm.

He is expected to make a full recovery

A 15-year-old boy is in the hospital following a fight at a Mobile trampoline park. The two had arranged to meet at the park before the fight broke out. Both had jumped into the foam pit and were thrown, and the 15-year-old was hit and grabbed by the 13-year-old. The teenagers then fought over who was going to jump first. The teen who got into the fight got the better of the fight, but the fight took a turn for the worse.

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Two off-duty Gastonia Police officers were assaulted during the brawl

Several law enforcement agencies responded to the scene of a violent altercation at Altitude Trampoline Park Saturday night. When police arrived they spotted 400 teenagers running through the parking lot and a fight had broken out. The officers quickly spotted the perpetrators and rushed to break up the fight. However, they were quickly knocked to the ground while trying to break up the fight.

Altitude Trampoline Park says it will no longer allow teens 13 and older alone on Friday and Saturday nights

A fight broke out at an indoor trampoline park in Louisville on Saturday night. Police responded and discovered about 400 teenagers running around the parking lot. Multiple law enforcement agencies were called and dozens of officers were sent to the scene. The fights involved two middle school boys and one girl. As a result, Altitude Trampoline Park has banned teens 13 and older from the park alone on Friday and Saturday nights.

Sky Zone says

Orland Park village officials announced Monday that they are considering robbing the Mobile trampoline park’s business license. Village residents, including Sandra Bermudez, described a chaotic scene Saturday night outside Sky Zone. She had gone to pick up her daughter after work, but saw a parking lot packed with teenagers. Then she heard about a fight inside the business, and when she called 911, the police said they were called to a lock-in.