Poison hemlock, a hazardous bud that has just been at the Buckeye State for a couple of years, is in full bloom this week at North Central Ohio.

“It is everywhere. You about can not drive U.S. 30 rather than see it,” Hartschuh explained. “It keeps propagating by wildlife and from water and flood plains.”

Poison hemlock began making news in 2019 as it had been reported to have spread across southern Ohio. Now it is plentiful across the country. The plant can be widespread at Pennsylvania.

Dangerous if consumed
The plant could be fatal if consumed, stated professors Joe Boggs and Erik Draper, at The Ohio State University’s Buckeye Yard & Garden online site .

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“Plants feature highly poisonous piperidine alkaloid chemicals, such as coniine and gamma-Coniceine, which cause respiratory failure and death in mammals. The origins are more poisonous than the stalks and leaves; nonetheless, all Areas of the plant such as the seeds must be considered harmful